Francis Paget: Bishop of Oxford 1901–1911

Francis Paget

Paget died on 2 August 1911 at the age of 60.

Below: A letter from Paget when he was Dean of Christ Church

  Letter from Paget 1
Letter from Paget 1  

The above letter, embossed Christ Church Oxford at the top and dated 6 November 1893, reads:

Dear Sir,

I have very gladly put your nephew’s name on the list of Candidates for Matriculation at Christ Church in January 1894: and, should he succeed in passing Responsions in December, we will gladly admit him in January if we have rooms to give him. It is most likely that we shall have rooms: but I cannot yet speak with absolute certainty.

I enclose a paper which will give your nephew full guidance in regard to the Entrance of his name for Responsions.

Allow me to remain,
Faithfully yours,
Francis Paget

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