1861 census

1861 census for Cornmarket in PDF format


Numbering system

Cornmarket has always kept the old-fashioned numbering style, namely:

  • East side: Runs 1–2–3 etc. northwards from Carfax to No. 32
    on the corner of Broad Street, then crosses the road
  • West side: Runs 33–34–35 etc southwards from corner of George Street
    back down to No. 65 on the corner of Carfax

Parishes in 1861

  • The south end of Cornmarket was in St Martin’s parish
    (Nos. 1–8 on the east side, and Nos. 54–65 on the west)
  • The north end of Cornmarket was in St Michael-in-the-Northgate parish
    (Nos. 9–32 on the east side and Nos 33–51 on the west)


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