32/33 Cornmarket (former NatWest/George/Three Goats)


The former NatWest building on the north-west corner of Cornmarket was built in 1912, replacing the George Hotel.

This site eventually took the number 33, but earlier on it was 32 or 32A (a number lost from the top of the other side of Cornmarket).

The Three Goats stood on this corner in the early part of the nineteenth century. In 1853 it was rebuilt on a grander scale and renamed the George Hotel.

It closed down in 1911, when the site was redeveloped.

On 7 October 1911 the National Provincial Bank of England, which had opened in 1909 in 14 Magdalen Street, moved into part of the building. In 1957 it took over parts of the premises formerly occupied by the George Hotel: the banking hall was extended into the whole of the ground floor, and the first floor was converted for use by the bank.

The bank was called the National Westminster after its merge with the Westminster Bank in 1970. It moved further down Cornmarket in November 2017.

In the Censuses


Listed as inn keeper at the “3 Goats’ Inn” is Thomas Bishop (50) with Ann Bishop (45) and Jane Alchin (15). They have five servants (four female and one male), and two commercial travellers were staying on census night.


Listed at the “Goat’s Inn” again is Thomas Bishop (54), now described as a wine merchant. He was born at Aston and is a widower. Living with him is a temporary housekeeper and three female servants


The grander establishment is now the “George Inn”, and the hotel keeper is George Drinkwater (52), who was born in Banbury. He lived on the premises with his wife Eliza (46) and children Caroline (18), Harry George Walter (17: then an architect’s articled clerk, he was to go on to design many Oxford buildings), Mary Ann (15), and Albert (9). The staff comprised a barmaid, cook, waitress, chambermaid, ostler, and boots. Three commercial travellers were staying at the inn on census night.


The hotel keeper is now Bloxham-born William Barrett (49), who lives there with his wife Sarah and children Charlotte (1) and Samuel (14), both of whom were born in Torquay, and his Oxford-born niece Alice Summers (19). There are five live-in servants: an ostler, cook, chambermaid, waitress, and boots. Staying at the inn were two commercial travellers.

Tredwell’s Yard with five households is listed between the George and No. 33 Cornmarket in the 1881 census. William Tredwell or Treadwell and later his daughter ran a wagon office there until 1843.

Occupants of the pub/hotel on the NW corner with George Street
(variously numbered 32/32A or 33 Cornmarket) listed in directories etc.

To 1851

The Three Goats

Some innkeepers (subject to 19C university wine licence):
James Jackman (1823–1830
Thomas Bishop (1835–1850)
Mrs Summers (1852)

Rebuilt in 1853


The George

Some hotel keepers (subject to 19C university wine licence):
George Drinkwater (1861–1881)
William Barrett (1881–1884)
Andrew H. Milloy (1885)
A. B. B. Baker (1887)
G. F. Snook (1890)
Frank Gillard (1901–1902)

Rebuilt in 1911


NatWest Bank
Formerly named National Provincial & Union Bank of England Ltd



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