Frewin Court (off west side of Cornmarket Street)

Frewin Court in February 2009.

Frewin Court runs between 51 and 52 Cornmarket, and leads to Frewin Hall and the Oxford Union.

By 1405 it was known as Bodin’s Lane, and as Bridwell Lane in the late sixteenth century.

It was renamed Frewin Court in the nineteenth century, after Richard Frewin, Camden Professor of Ancient History, who lived there in 1726. Sometimes it is spelt Fruin Court.

Guy & Gammon, wine & spirit merchants, operated from the former shop at the side of the building on the right (51 Cornmarket Street) from at least 1861. On 23 September 1871 it was announced in Jackson's Journal that following the death of Henry Moses Gammon, the firm would be known as Guy, Gammon, & Co., with the management of the firm placed in the hands of Mr James Wicks junior, who had been assistant manager in the business for six years. By the following year the firm was known as Messrs Gammon, Wicks & Co.

The firm also owned 51 Cornmarket Street on the right, which was let out to the draper Walter Cooper. In 1879 Nos. 47, 48, 49, 50, and 51 Cornmarket Street and the wine shop facing Frewin Court were pulled down and rebuilt. Messrs Gammon, Wicks & Co moved back into the new property facing Frewin Court, where they remained until 1896.

Gammon flagons

The flagon marked GUY & GAMMON (above left) must therefore date from before 1871, while the one on the right marked GAMMON WICKS & CO must date from between 1872 and 1896.

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