Some Oxford dentists 1621–1880

  • J. Alex
    High Street (Vincent’s 1835)
  • Edmund Bevers (c.1811–1880)
  • Edward King
    18 Merton Street (Robson’s 1839)
    121A High Street (Post Office 1841)
    19 High Street (Pigot’s 1842)
  • William Lukyn (1789–1863)
  • Norman Spencer
    63 High Street (Slater’s 1850)
  • Stanley Stokes
    Surgeon dentist, 63 High Street (Post Office 1841)
  • Henry James Virgin (1831–1881)

In the first half of the nineteenth century, there were very few dentists actually based in Oxford, but the city was visited by peripatetic dentists. The advertisement below from Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 1 November 1834 shows that a Mr. I. Alex, Surgeon Dentist of Cheltenham, spent one week each month performing dentistry at James Luff Wheeler’s bookshop at 106 High Street:

Visiting dentist

On 26 November 1836 a lady dentist of London and Brighton called Mrs Roper announced that she was staying at 8 Holywell Street and working there as a dentist for a term before going on to Leamington and Cheltenham:

Lady dentist 26 Nov 1836


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