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59–60 High Street: “Oxford”

59-60 High Street

No. 59 is the right-hand side of a large Georgian house which is Grade II listed (List Entry No. 1047283), while No. 60 on the corner of Longwall was demolished and rebuilt in the mid-1930s. Since that date, Nos. 59 and 60 have formed one shop unit, even though No. 59 belongs architecturally with the premises on the left (No. 58).

Both these houses were in St Peter-in-the East parish until that parish was united with St Cross parish in 1957.

The Georgian house that used to be the boarding house for Magdalen College School was formerly numbered 58, leaving the number 59 free for the shop tacked on to the corner. But when the school moved to the other side of the High Street in 1894, the house was divided into two shops given the numbers 58 and 59. The corner shop was then allocated the number 60 (with the knock-on effect that the Magdalen Gate House on the other side of the road, which had formerly been numbered 60 and 61, became 61).

See No. 58 for the occupants of the boarding house at 58/59

In 1851 No. 60 (the old right-hand side of the present business, then confusingly numbered  59) was occupied upstairs by the printerseller who lived downstairs, together with his wife, sister, and a domestic servant. In 1861 and 1871 the clergyman Thomas Browne lived here.

In 1911 Albert John Howes (43), an assistant inspector of telegraph messengers, lived in the thirteen room above No. 60 with his wife Alice (41), who was a boarding house keeper and their two daughters and one boarder.

Speedwell dry cleaning


Right: This advertisement (left) for the Speedwell Cleaning Co. at 59 High Street dates from the 1950s

Occupiers of 59 & 60 High Street
Darker background = former building on this site, now demolished


59 High Street

(numbered 58 along with present No. 58 to 1894)

60 High Street

(numbered 59 to 1894)


Henry Dixon
Civil engineer

William Thompson, Print seller

By 1852–1872

Master of Magdalen College School
(occupied present 58 and 59)

William Thompson, Print seller
later also Painter and decorator


W. R. Bowden, General printer, stationer, & music seller


A. W. Brazier, House furnisher & valuer

Mrs Quarterman, Lodging house

W. R. Bowden, General printer, stationer, & music seller

Hartwell de la Garde Grissell, MA, FSA
Chamberlain to H.H. The Pope
(shop on corner then numbered 59)


Mrs Quarterman, Lodging house

Norman Edward Minty, Japanese art depot

Hartwell de la Garde Grissell, MA, FSA
Chamberlain to H.H. The Pope


Mrs Quarterman
(later Henry George Chamberlain),
Lodging house

The Eastgate Tobacco Store


Mrs Selby-Smith, Private hotel

George Cooke & Co., Tobacconists



Eastgate Tobacco Stores



Bland & Son, umbrella makers


Lodging house only to 1952

Speedwell Cleaning Co. (1954–1968)

Halford Cycle Co. Ltd (to 1958)

Oxford Travel Agency (1960–1968)


Oxford Travel Agency


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