People paying poll tax in 1667 in Holywell parish

In 1667, poll tax was paid on a total of 431 people living in 109 households in Holywell parish. In comparison, the population of the parish at the time of the 1861 census, namely 881 in 170 households (not including Wadham College or the Penitentiary).

Seven of the households were headed by gentlemen (including of course the Manor House): one of these gentlemen was an attorney, and two were Esquire Bedels.

A number of college servants had houses here: the Cook of Exeter College; the Butler and the Cook of Hart Hall; the second Butler of Magdalen College; the Second Butler of New College; the Butler of Trinity College; and the Cook, the Second Butler, and the Manciple of Wadham College. Two others are described simply as college servants (one of whom was at Brasenose).

The occupations of the other heads of household are not given, but 16 of them had apprentices.

[At the Manor House, St Cross Road]
George Napper, Esq,
Margarett Napper, his wife
Margarett, Mary, and Francis Napper, his daughters
Francis Napper, gent
John Harris, his servant
Anne Kible, his servant
Margaret Sheene, his servant
Jane Slatter, his servant
Edward Challiner “at Esq. Napper’s”

Symon Cross
Jane Cross, his wife
Francis, Mary, and Anne Cross, his children
Jane Cross, his grandchild
Anne Boulter, his servant
John Jarram, his servant
Robert Leitch, his servant
Anne Leitch, his servant

Richard Hanly
Judith Hanly, his wife

William Hall
Mary Hall, his wife

Richard Collier
Margarett Collier, his wife
One child

William Newton
Margaret Newton, his wife

Edith Brotherton, widow
Alice Bath, her servant

Richard Bishopp
Mary Bishopp, his wife

Mary Cary
Katherine, Anne, Martha, and Richard Cary (presumably her children)
Elizabeth Longford, her servant

Thomas Williams, gent.
Margaret Williams, his wife
Anne King, his servant

Mathew Wright, gent.
Elizabeth Wright, his wife
Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachell, Hannah, and Anne, his children
Alice Naunt, his servant

Richard Pepper, second butler of New College
Katharine Pepper, his wife
Richard and Mary Pepper, his children
Katharine Coxe, his mother
Elizabeth Coxe
John Childs, his lodger

John Jessett
Anne Jessett his wife
One daughter

Jarvice Westcott
Katherine Westcott his wife
Anne and Charles Westcott

Edward Boxly
Elioner Boxly, his wife
One child
Mary Cotterell

William Tilliard
Anne Tilliard
William Hardway
Elizabeth Stubbs, his servant
Isabell Prince, his servant

Richard Crawford
Elizabeth Crawford, his wife
Richard, John, Charles, and Elizabeth Crawford, his children
Susannah Trendall, his servant
Jane Emberlee, his servant
John Smith, his apprentice

Hartly Boxly
Judith Boxly, his wife
Hartly and Jane Boxly, his children
Thomas Boxly, his apprentice
John Moorethurt, his lodger

Richard Davis
Anne Davis his wife

Mary Kidwell, widow
Alice Coxe

Richard Frogly
Joan Frogly, his wife
Anne Kickweed, his servant

Susanna Bayly, widow
Mary Bates, widow
One child of Mary Bates

Francis Sawyer
Mary Sawyer his wife
Francis Sawyer (presumably his son)

Richard Parne, Manciple of Wadham College
Sarah Parne, his wife
Elizabeth and Fisher Parne, his children

John Boxly
Elizabeth Boxly, his wife
One apprentice

William Evans
Anne Evans, his wife
Charles Evans, his son

Thomas Hales
Joane Hales, his wife
Joane Hales, his daughter

Richard Wood
William Stone

Henry James
Hester James, his wife

Henry Fraine
Mary Fraine, his wife
One child

William Wheldale
Margaret Wheldale, his wife
William Holt, his kinsman
Joane Silly, his servant

Martha Iles, widow

Anne Evatts, widow
Elizabeth Evatts, her daughter
Mary Feild

Peter Godward
Anne Godward, his wife
One apprentice

Ralph Blanton
Mary Blanton, his wife

Robert Saunders
Mary Saunders, his wife
Mary and John Saunders, his children
Eliz. Bates, his apprentice

William Harding, cook of Exeter College
Elizabeth Harding, his wife
Elizabeth Harding, his daughter
One grandchild
Joseph Jackson, his apprentice
Richard Hedges, his apprentice
Margaret Carter, his servant
Mary Fairebeard, his servant
Alice Holloway
Edward Harding
Robert Coulton, gent.

Roger Gill
Weighberry Gill, his wife
Alice Jackson, his servant

Henry Ritch
Jane Ritch, his wife
John Rice, his apprentice
Richard Bishopp, his apprentice

John George
Elizabeth George, his wife

John Beasely
Mary Beasely, his wife
Mary, John, Katherine, and Thomas Beasley, his children
Mary Iles, his servant

Edward Mason
Mary Mason, his wife
John Mason, his son
Rebecca Warmington, his servant

Edward Gould
Sarah Gould, his wife

George Wells
Elizabeth Wells, his wife
William and Rachell Wells, his children
William Wells, his father
Anne Lee, his servant

Timothy Wilkins, Esquire Beadle, gent.
Gilbert Thacker, his kinsman
Tomssin Wattson, his servant

Heugh Ellis, attorney, gent.
Mary Ellis, his wife
Sarah, Mary, George, Charles, and Thomas Ellis, his children

Anne Reynolds, widow
John and Mary Reynolds, her children

George Walker
Mary Walker, his wife
Samuell, George, Mary, and Elizabeth Walker, his children
Hannah Randall, his servant
John Robinson

Thomas Mercer
Anne Mercer, his wife

Richard Witt, commissioner
Elizabeth, his wife
Anne, Elizabeth, and John Witt, his children
Sarah Fines, his servant

Thomas Bland, butler of Hart Hall

Samuel Clarke, Esquire Beadle, gent.
Alice Clarke, his wife
Samuel Clarke, his son
Alice Harding, his mother
Mary Griffen, his servant

Richard Spencer, butler of Trinity College
Mary Spencer, his wife
Daniell Hubbard, his grandchild
Elizabeth Hyde, his servant

Joane Oake, widow
Her daughter

Mrs Mary Wakeham, an Esquire’s widow
Mary, Leucy, and Fracy Wakeham, her daughter
Alice Allcister, her servant
Jane Townsend, her servant
George Kempe, her lodger
Grace Parsons, her lodger

Thomas Wells
Elizabeth, his wife
Anne Breston, his servant

Henry Furnifull
His wife

James Martin
Joan Martin his wife
James, Katherine, Dorothy, and Joane Martin, his children
One apprentice

John Best
Katherine Best, his wife

Benjamin Cooper, commissioner
Silvester Cooper, his wife
Elizabeth, Katherine, and Susanna Cooper, his children
Mary Warwicke, his servant
Sarah Wildgoose, his servant

Alexander Fisher, gent.
Alice Smith, his servant

Richard Billingsly, cook of Wadham College
Anne Billingsly, his wife
Anne and Richard Billingsly, his children

John Dickerson
Dorothy Dickerson his wife

Edward Stickland, servant to Brasenose College
Margaret Stickland, his wife
Elizabeth and Edward Stickland, his children
Mary Dully, his servant

William Charles
Mary Charles, his wife
Thomas and William Charles, his children
Susanna Sims, his servant
Thomas Dew, journeyman
John Hartly, journeyman

Symon Speede
Anne Speede his wife

Mathew Jigger
Joane Jigger, his wife

Mary Martine, widow

Elizabeth Bayly
John Bayly, her son
Nicholas Bley, her servant

Mary Carter
John Carter, her son

Robert Langley
Anne Langley, his daughter

Thomas Mathews
Mary Mathews, his wife

Widow Paul

Mathew Harrice

Alice Sainsbury, widow
Avis Peirce, her servant
William Burton, tapster
John Holmes, oastler

Nathaniell New
Mary New, his wife
Mary and Elizabeth New, his children

Richard Heron
Alice Heron, his wife
Two apprentices

Daniel Buckland
Alice Buckland , his wife
Anne Wilson

Edward Buddard (who also pays on “his own wage from College”)
Anne Buddard, his wife
Dorothy, William, and Joane Buddard, his children
Joane Hall, his servant
Edward Horsly, his apprentice
Joane Eldridge, his servant

Felix Rhimes
Elizabeth Rhimes, his wife
Felix Rhimes, his son
Thomas Hutt, his apprentice
Richard Silvester, his apprentice
Dorothy Saunders, his servant
Joy Munke, his lodger

Robert Walton
Katharine Walton, his wife
Robert, George, Katharine, and Martha Walton, his children

Samuell Smith
Jane Smith, his wife
Hester, Samuel, Hannah, and Anne Smith, presumably his children

William Staunton, second butler of Wadham College
Susanna Staunton, his wife
Edward, Francis, and Susanna Staunton, his children
John Barrett, his lodger
Leonard Stubbs, his lodger

Anne Cherry, widow
Mary Ward, her servant
Mary Dyer, her servant

John Brookes
Joane Brookes, his wife
John Harris

Widow Coley
Grace Coley
Elizabeth Ryder, her servant

James Price
Mary Price, his wife
Mary and Katharine Price, his children
Jane Westbrooke, no wages
Philipp Lewis, a lodger

Christopher Parncott
Elizabeth Parncott, his wife

Thomas Billingsly
Lettice Billingsly, his wife
Lettice, Mary, Katharine, and Anne Billingsly, his children
Thomas Edwards, his apprentice
Mariery Tripp, his servant
William Reynolds, his servant
Simon Wiltshire, his servant

Robert Harper, cook of Hart Hall
Henry Pitts, his apprentice
Mary Mills, his grandchild
Richard Harper, second cook of All Souls College
Elizabeth Harper, his wife
Robert Harper, his son
Mary Gaden, his servant
Joane Goward, his servant
One apprentice

John Long
Elizabeth Long, his wife

Austine Dully
Mary Dully, his wife
Joane, Dorothy, Anne, Felix, Andrew, and William Dully, his children
John Dobson, Journeyman

Richard Robinson
Sarah Robinson, his wife
Richard Robinson, his son

William Collinson
Anne Collinson, his wife
Thomas and William Collinson, his children

Thomas Harthway
Alice Harthway, his wife

Jeromy Smith
Mariery Smith, his wife
One servant

Nathaniell Langly
Mary Langly, his wife

Robert Surman
Joane Surman, his wife
Robert, William, and Dorothy Surman, his children

John Reston
Dorothy Reston, his wife

Christopher Tayler, second butler of Magdalen College

Thomas Kimber
Elioner Kimber, his wife
Thomas and George Kimber, his children

Miles Chilmead
Elizabeth Chilmead, his wife
Hannah, his servant (surname not given)

Daniel Badham
Christian Badham, his wife
Rebecca Harly, widow
William Handly, lodger
William Maior, lodger
Thomas Bland, lodger

Bartholomew Finch

Widow Crackow

Thomas Woodward
Sarah Woodward, his wife
Katharine, Sarah, George, and Thomas Woodward, his children
Mary Slicer, his servant
Richard Billingsly
Joane Ludgrove, servant of Billingsly

Mary Skingsly, widow

Mabell Horsly, widow

Humphry Smith
Elizabeth Smith, his wife
Humphry, Elizabeth, and Richard Smith, his children

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