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King's Arms

North side of Holywell Street
South side of Holywell Street

Pigot's Directory for 1830 lists Thomas Hanks as landlord of the Horse & Groom in Holywell Street. It is possible that this was at No.64, as it was occupied by a man with the surname Hanks in 1841. (It is not an error for the Horse & Jockey at No. 90, as this is also listed.

Most of these pubs were not much more than beer houses: hence the only pub in Holywell parish holding a university wine licence from December 1844 to December 1845 was the King's Arms at No. 40, run by Eliza Cox and Frederick Stone. The other two wine licences were held by wine merchants:

Two other nearby pubs

The Cock Pit (or Cockpit), St Cross Road
The Cock Pit was held by Stephen Eaton in 1810 and Mary Eaton in 1837. It is called the Cockpit in the 1841 census, but Mary Eaton is listed at the Robin Hood in Holywell in directories of 1841, 1842, and 1853, suggesting that it may have changed its name.

Turf Tavern, 10 St Helen's Passage
This was also accessible from Bath Place (between Nos. 55 and 56 Holywell Street). Thomas Allsop was the landlord here in 1899, and Mrs Alice Allsop in 1914. There is some confusion over its address because of the way it sprawled into Bath Place, and directories from 1960 give its address as 10 Bath Place.

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