59–60 Holywell Street

59-60 Holywell Street

The above building (now numbered simply 59) is modern and not listed. Owned by Merton College

The old Barley Mow pub stood on the site of the former No. 59 on the west side of this site. It closed in 1901 and became a private house.

59–60 Holywell Street in the censuses


The 1841 census for Holywell does not give house numbers, but it is possible to deduce where people listed that year lived by examining directory entries between 1839 and 1842 and later censuses

No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
William Brocklesby
(30), farmer etc., lived here with Ann (30), Frances (55), Frances (7), Louisa (5), and David (2). Two stablemen also live with the family.

No. 60
John Jones
(30), college servant, lived here with Mary Ann (20), John (2), and George (10 months). They had one female servant and one lodger.


No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
Frances Brocklesby
 (68) a widowed public house keeper, is listed between Nos. 58 and 59, but as she was the landlady of the Barley Mow at No. 59, her home was probably part of this pub.
William Fipps
(66), an ostler, lived here at the Barley Mow (named thus and correctly numbered 59 in the census) with his lodger Joseph Trinder (24), who was also an ostler.

Presumably behind 59 & 60:
Emanuel Miles
(30), a labourer in stables, lived here with his wife Ann (38) and his children Sarah (8), William (6), David (4), and James (4 months).

No. 60
William J. Merritt
, a college servant, lived here with his wife Elizabeth (36). They had one servant.


No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
John Bruce (51), a Scottish-born whitesmith, lived here with his wife Elizabeth (62), and his sons Thomas (24) and Walter (22), both whitesmiths, his married daughter Mary Gibb (26), and his granddaughters Elizabeth ?Claider, Lucy Gibbs, and Agnes Gibbs. [Head of household wrongly written in the census as Bruce John]

No. 60
James Prior (40), the cook of Exeter College, lived here with his wife Hannah (43) and his mother Esther (62). They had one housemaid.


No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
John Humphreys (50), groom and publican, lived here with his wife Maria (32) and their children William (17), who was a groom, James (14), Alfred (10), and Gertrude (5). They also had a groom lodging with them.

No. 60
James Prior (49), the Exeter College cook, still lived here with his wife Hannah (57) and his widowed mother Esther (73). They had one servant.


No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
Henry Mason
 (27), a beerseller and groom, lived here with his father John (66), who was a groom, and his mother Ann (65), who was a dressmaker. They had a coachman living with them.

No. 60
George Newman
 (28), who was a college servant, lived here with his wife Julia (23) and his daughter Emily (4 months)


No. 59 (Barley Mow pub)
John Peade
 (44), a gardener, lived here with his wife Alice (32) and his stepdaughters Alice Mason (5) and Lilian Mason (2).

No. 60
George Newman
 (38), a groer & confectioner, lived here with his wife Julia (33) and their children Eunice (10), Edith (8), and Bertha (6). They had a 15-year-old servant girl.


Unoccupied: the pub must have just closed.


No. 59 (and presumably 60)
Thomas Byles (68), a college servant, lived here with his wife Agnes (61) and their married daughter Hilda Alden (30) and her husband, the butcher Harold Alden (32). The Aldens had three children: Gwennie (5), Thomas (4), Beryl (2), and Lilian (1). The family had an American student lodging with them, and one servant.

Occupants of 59–60 Holywell Street listed in directories etc.


No. 60 (left)

Barley Mow, No. 59 (right)

Survey of Oxford

Frontage: 4 yds 2 ft 3 in
Mr Reynolds

Frontage: 4 yds 2 ft 60 in
Mr Varney


John Jones
Servant of Jesus College (1841, 1846)

(but Merritt listed in 1851 census)

Old Barley Mow Public House
renamed Barley Mow Public House by 1899

Francis Brocklesby, turner (1830–1839);
Beer retailer (by 1841)

also with William Brocklesby,
Furniture broker/Wood turner, by 1842


Some landlords:
1842–1851: Francis Brocklesby
1861–1866: John Bruce
1871–1876: John Humphries or Humfris
1881–1889: Henry Mason
1894–1899: William Proffitt


James Prior
Manciple of Exeter Hall


George Newmann


Richard Bond
Lodging house


Isaac Luker
Lodging house





Thomas Byles, college servant


Caleb John Ritchings


Caleb John Ritchings


(Mrs B. Moffatt), private hotel


Ministry of Food (Preserves Branch)


Miss V. W. Andrew
(with Miss A. M. Wheeler 1947–1958)
(with Contacts Secretarial Agency in 1960)


Planning application 81/00204/NFH
Change of use from guest house to College hostel and self-contained flat


Merton College annexe

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