96–98 Holywell Street

96-98 Holywell Street

96-98 Holywell Street


Left: 96–98 Holywell at the beginning of the twentieth century


Grade II Listed Building:
List Entry Number 1104897

This group of three houses has eighteenth-century roughcast timber-framing on a stuccoed base with cellars.


No. 96 was a private house occupied in the nineteenth century by members of the gentry, including Miss Catherine Lloyd, daughter of the Bishop of Oxford Charles Lloyd. After she died in 1898, a cook moved in.


No. 97 may have been a pub for a short time, as its occupant, William Francis Thurland, is described as a victualler when he was adjudged bankrupt on 21 May 1870. This occasioned a “peremptory sale” of the house, which is described thus in the auction advertisement:

Lot 2. — No. 97, Holywell-street, a substantial and well-built Dwelling House, containing spacious entrance hall, two parlours, kitchen and scullery on the ground floor, drawing room and five bed rooms on first and second floors, extensive cellarage in the basement, small yard at the back, w.c., and other conveniences. It is held by Lease under Merton College, Oxford, for a term of 40 years, from the 5th of April, 1856, subject to a Reserved Rent of 6s. 8d. per annum, and 6d. for an acquittance.


No. 98 was in the 1840s the home of Jonathan Lowndes, the printer of Jackson’s Oxford Journal. He may have lived here as early as 1820, as he and his wife Hannah had their daughter Esther Augusta baptised at Holywell Church on 9 February that year, followed by Emma on 23 January 1822, Cecilia Grace Catherine on 24 February 1824, Helen Mary on 20 September 1826, Edwin on 11 February 1829, Alfred Samuel on 25 December 1831, and Ann Noble on 29 June 1834.

The printing office of the newspaper was also at 98 Holywell Street, but after a brief period at No. 97, in about November 1850 Jonathan William Lowndes and the printing presses had moved to No. 100.

96–98 Holywell Street in the censuses


No. 96
The Revd John Radcliffe (50), Clerk, lived here with Mary (40). Also in the household were Thomas Atkinson (10), William Adams (8), Michael Bond (10), and two female servants.

No. 97

No. 98
Jonathan Lowndes
(51), the printer of Jackson’s Oxford Journal, lived here with his wife Hannah (45), his daughters Cecilia (17), and Helen (14), and Ann (70), who was likely to be his mother.


No. 96
John Radcliffe (65), the Chaplain of Merton College, lived here with his widowed sister-in-law Mary Radcliffe (55). They had a cook and a housemaid.

No. 97
William Thurland (33), the cook & manciple at New College, lived here with his wife Adelaide (31) and their daughter Jane (1). They had two servants.

No. 98
Thomas Mundy
(47), a College Butler, lived here with his wife Fanny (47) and their sons Thomas (21), who was a student, and John (20), who was a butler’s assistant, and their daughters Eliza (14), Maria (12), and Fanny (7). They had one servant.


No. 96
Henry J. Turrill
(35), a clergyman without cure of souls, lived here with his wife Honor (27), plus a cook and a housemaid.

No. 97
William Francis Thurland
(43), the Manciple of New College, still lived here with his wife Adelaide (41) and his children Jane (11), William (9), Sophia (7), and Alice (11 months). They had one domestic servant.

No. 98
James Reeves
(42), a college servant born in Hampshire, lived here with his wife Anne, his daughter Anne (7), and a female servant.


No. 96
Miss Catharine E. L. Lloyd (50), a fundholder, lived here with a cook and a housemaid.
(She formerly lived at No. 63.)

No. 97
Miss Mary A. A. Carter
(39), a lodging house keeper, lived here with one general servant.

No. 98
William Chester
(54), a lodging house keeper and waiter,lived here with his wife Esther (52) and a lodger (a brewer’s clerk). They have one 13-year-old servant girl.


No. 96
William Knibbs (32), a college cook, lived here with his wife Clara (36), who was a lodging house keeper, and his daughter Margaret (8). They had a 15-year-old servant girl.

No. 97
Frederick Hunt (38), a gas company collector, lived here with his wife Emily (40), who was a lodging house keeper, and his children Edith (11), Norah (8), Frederick (5), and Gilbert (4). They had a 14-year-old servant girl.

No. 98
Arthur P. Brown
(37), an assistant in a cycle business, lived here with his wife Edith (38), who was a lodging house keeper, and his children Audrey (10), Arthur (8), and Douglas (6). They had one general servant.


No. 96
William George Cook Knibbs (43), a college cook, still lived here with his wife Clara Jessie (49) and his daughter Margaret Clara (18). As before they had a 15-year-old servant girl.

No. 97
Charles Hodges (31), college chef, lived here with his wife Violet Cecily (30), who was a lodging house keeper. They had one domestic servant, and just one student boarding with them: John Henry Eugen Vanderstegen Millington-Drake (22).

No. 98
Arthur Percival Brown
(49) still lived here, but was now running his own cycle business. His wife Edith Mary (48) was still a lodging house keeper, helped by her daughter Audrey (20). Cecil (18) was now a college library assistant, and Douglas (16) was an apprentice cabinet maker.


Occupants of 96–98 Holywell Street listed in directories etc.


No. 98 (left)

No. 97 (centre)

No. 96 (right)

Survey of Oxford

Frontage: 9 yds 0 ft 0 in
Mr Davis

Frontage: 18yds 2 ft 6 in
Mr Isham


Jonathan Lowndes


Rev John Radcliff
Chaplain of Merton College


Thomas Maskew


Thomas Munday

William F. Thurland
Cook of New College


James Reeves
(miswritten as Greeves in some directories)

Revd Henry J. Turrell


Mrs (or Miss) Chase


Richard Carter to 1876

Miss Mary Carter from 1881
Lodging house keeper


William Chester
lodging house keeper

Miss Lloyd


Revd S. C. F. Angel-Smith


No listing


Thomas Robert Haycroft
Lodging house

Mrs Partridge


Arthur Percival Brown
Lodging house


Frederick Hunt

William George Knibbs, cook


Charles Hodge


Henry Jewell (1921)

Mrs M. Jewell
by 1926

No listing


Godfrey Elton
Fellow & Dean of Queen’s College

Adrian Spear Mott


Sir Frederick Maurice Powicke
Regius Professor of Modern History

J. W. Munro,
M.A., D.Sc.


Mrs V. C. Hall
University lodgings

No listing


Mrs V. C. Hall
University lodgings



Richard Pares, C.B.E., M.A.
Fellow of All Souls College


John Black


No listing

Peter Hoy

No listing


V. C. Hall


Vijay Joshi

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