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Philip de Eu (senior)

Mayor of Oxford 1276/7

Philip de Eu (or de Ew, de Ewe, de O, de OO, de Ow, de Ho) senior was the son of William de Eu who was a Bailiff on the council in 1261, and the great-grandson of another William de Eu who was Bailiff in 1242. The name D’Eu dervies from Eu, in the department of Seine-Inferieure, France.

Philip de Eu was elected Junior Praepositus (Bailiff) in 1267 and again in 1269. He was elected Mayor for 1276/7.

Philip de Eu’s wife was the daughter of Geoffrey of Hinksey (bailiff in 1244) and Joan Kepeharm, and he inherited property through her. Anthony Wood records that in 1278 Karall Hall in St Frideswide’s parish belonged to

“Philip de Ew, a burgesse of Oxon, by the marriage of his wife, as an inquisition taken that year thus delivereth:— “idem Philippus de Ewe tenet unum messuagium quod vocatur Karol Hall ratione uxoris suae quod dedit ei Galfredus de Hengesey in liberum maritagium cum filia sua, et reddit ha haeredibus Henrici le Riche 3s., et templo de Couele 2s., et valet 20s. plus per annum et est in parohcia S. Fridewyde.”




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