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Simon of Gloucester

Mayor of Oxford 1344/5

Simon of Gloucester (or de Gloucestre/de Glovernia) held a large amount of property in Oxford, some of which was granted to his ancestor William of Gloucester by King Stephen in c.1137. As well as owning the eponymous Gloucester Hall in St Aldate’s parish, Gloucester also owned the nearby Kepeharme Hall and Bekes Inn in St Edward’s parish. Anthony Wood also records that he held a property called White Hall:

Then was there demised to this college [Canterbury] by St Frideswyde also another void plot of ground called White Hall. Of which I find mention in their book in a certain recognition of Simon Gloucestre a burgesse of Oxon 1342 wherein ’tis delivered by the said Simon that he and his praedicessors were wont to pay to them as capitall lords 9d per annum from his tenement called White Hall situated between the tenement of the abbesse of Godstow and a tenement of the said piory in S. Edward’s parish in Schydyard Street.

Gloucester was elected Junior Bailiff on the council in 1323 and again in 1331, and Mayor for the year 1336/7.

Gloucester was elected one of the two Members of Parliament for Oxford on 20 January 1339/40. He was elected an Alderman in 1332, 1333, 1339, and 1344.

In 1367 Gloucester’s son Thomas granted to William le Northern and his wife Margaret two messuages in the parish of St Peter-le-Bailey between Elm Hall in St Michael’s parish to the north and land belonging to the canons of Osney to the south (in the area of the present New Inn Hall Street).




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