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Cyril Mosson Vincent (1846–1923)

Mayor of Oxford 1915/16

Cyril Mosson Vincent was born in Summertown in 1846 and baptised there on 6 April 1847.

His father William Allder Vincent was born in Oxford in 1818 and baptised at St Aldate's Church on 21 February 1819. His grandfather was Joseph Vincent, founder of the Oxford family printing business, and his great-grandfather was headmaster of Christ Church Cathedral School in c.1800.

Cyril's mother Charlotte Raikes Boswell was born in St Martin’s parish, London in 1819.

Cyril's parents were married at Ss Peter & Paul Church, Milton-by-Gravesend, Kent on 9 July 1844, and came back to the Oxford area, where their eldest daughter Emma Allder Vincent was born in 1845, Their next three children were born in Summertown: Cyril himself (1846), Caroline Louisa Vincent (1848), and William Allder Vincent (1850).

At the time of the 1851 census Cyril (4) was living at Summertown with his father William (32), described as a bookseller's managing clerk, his mother Charlotte (31), and his siblings Emma (5), Cyril (4), and William (eight months), plus a servant.

Cyril's next two siblings were born at Wolverhampton in Staffordshire: Louis Ramsay Vincent (1854/5) and Selina Frances Vincent  (1856). Then they moved to nearby Tetenhall, where Henry Douglas Vincent was born in 1858 and Edward Boswell Douglas in 1860.

At the time of the 1861 Cyril (14) was living at 27 Ladypool Lane in Aston, Birmingham with his parents and his siblings Emma (15), Cyril (14), William (10), Louis (6), Selina (4). Henry (2), and Edward (nine months), plus a servant. His father was now described as a painter employing one man.

They must have moved to Kings Norton in Birmingham, shortly after that census, as Frederick, their ninth and last child, was born there the following year.

Near the beginning of 1871 in the King's Norton district, Cyril Mosson Vincent married Mary Ann Owen of Birmingham, the only surviving child of Mr E. Owen, a member of the printing firm White & Pike.

At the time of the 1871 census Cyril (24), described as a printer overseer, was living in divided house at 209 Moseley Road in Birmingham with his wife Mary (24). Meanwhile his parents were living at The Limes, Alcester Lane End, Kings Norton, but they appear to have have returned to Oxford,

Soon after the 1871 census Cyril Mosson Vincent and his new wife came to live in Oxford, at 76 Cowley Road. The Vincent printing business, which had been based at 90 High Street since the 1830s, now had a branch in the Cowley Road and in St Giles.

Vincent’s first four children were born at 76 Cowley Road:

  • William Edward Owen Vincent, known as Owen (baptised on 2 April 1872 at SS Mary & John Church)
  • Charlotte Eliza Vincent (baptised on 12 July 1873 at SS Mary & John Church)
  • Amy Mary Louisa Vincent (baptised on 17 March 1875 at SS Mary & John Church)
  • Ethel Allder Vincent (baptised on 7 July 1879 at SS Mary & John Church).

At the time of the 1881 census, Cyril Vincent (34) was described as the editor of a newspaper (namely the Oxford University and City Herald) which was published at 90 High Street from 1852 to 1892). With him at 76 Cowley Road were his wife Mary Ann and their four children: William (9), Charlotte (7), Amy (6), and Ethel (1).

By 1883 Cyril Vincent had moved from the Cowley Road to 67 High Street, where his youngest daughter was born:

  • Gertrude Selina Vincent (baptised on 20 October 1883 at SS Mary & John Church).

Cyril's mother Charlotte Raikes Vincent died in Oxford at the age of 67 in 1886.

At the time of the 1891 census Cyril Vincent (44), described as a printer foreman, was living at 67 High Street but his wife was away. His son William (19) was now an apprentice printer, and his four daughters were still at home. They had a 15-year-old servant girl.

His only son was married in 1897:

  • On 2 September 1897 at St Peter-in-the-East Church, William Edward Owen Vincent (25), a printer of that parish, married Florence Lizzie Rawlins (28) of St Paul's parish, Oxford, the daughter of the outfitter James Rawlins.

After failing to get elected as a councillor for the Central Ward, in 1898 he succeeded in getting elected for the South Ward on his eighth attempt there.

Cyril's father William Allder Vincent died in 1899 at the age of 80.

At the time of the 1901 census Cyril Vincent (54), now described as a printer, was still living at 67 High Street with his wife Mary (54) and their daughters, Charlotte (27) and Gertrude (17), who was a pupil teacher. They employed a 19-year-old housemaid. Their two other daughters were elementary school teachers living away from home: Amy (26) was living with her aunt, Miss Emma Vincent, at 8 Blackhall Road, Oxford and Ethel (21) was boarding at 19 Tilehurst Road, Reading, and .

Vincent moved to 3 Polstead Road later in 1901, and lived there for the rest of his life. He was then elected councillor for the North Ward. He eventually became a senior partner in the family printing business.

Vincent was the first Chairman of the Old-Age Pensions Committee, the Chairman of the Libraries and Tramway Committees, and the Vice-Chairman of the Watch and other committees. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1908.

His daughter Ethel was married in 1909:

  • On 21 April 1909 at St Barnabas' Church, Oxford, Ethel Allder Vincent (29) of 3 Polstead Road, married the Revd Walter Eustace Peter Hogg (39), a gentleman living at St Barnabas Institute.

The 1911 census shows Cyril and Mary Vincent at 3 Polstead Road with their three unmarried daughters: Charlotte (37), Amy (36), and Gertrude (27), and two servants. Amy and Gertrude were both teachers.

In 1915 Cyril Mosson Vincent was elected Mayor of Oxford (for 1915/16). He was also twice nominated for an aldermanship, but failed to win enough votes.

During the First World War Vincent was Chairman of the Oxford Tribunal, and received an OBE for his services in this connection.

Two more of his daughters were married soon after the war:

  • On 4 November 1919 at St Margaret's Church, Amy Mary Louisa Vincent of 3 Polstead Road married
    Richard Claridge, the County Accountant, of 44 Norham Gardens
  • On 18 August 1920 at St Margaret's Church, Gertrude Selina Vincent (36) of 3 Polstead Road married
    the Revd Morgan William Thomas (40) of the Vicarage, Long Ashton, near Bristol.

In 1921 Cyril Vincent’s younger brother Frederick was elected Mayor of Oxford.

Cyril's wife Mary Vincent died in 1921 and was buried in Holywell Cemetery.

† Cyril Mosson Vincent died at his home at 3 Polstead Road on 25 January 1923 at the age of 76. The Mayor and Corporation attended his funeral service at St Margaret’s Church, and he was buried beside his wife in Holywell Cemetery (Plot H177).

His effects came to 33,534 11s. 10d., and his executors were his son Owen and his son-in-law the Revd Walter Eustace Peter Hogg.

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