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The four city wards

in 1772

The following list of streets in each city ward is taken from the 1772 Survey of Oxford. The city was split into four wards, with the two dividing lines running through Carfax: vertically down the middle of St Giles/Magdalen Street/Cornmarket/St Aldate’s Street, and horizontally along Queen Street/the High.

The modern names of the streets are listed below; any older names or descriptions used in the Survey are in italic.

South-East Ward
  • High Street (south side only)
  • Rose Lane
  • Merton Street (with the part running north to south called “Coach & Horses Lane”)
  • Logic Lane
  • Magpie Lane
  • Oriel Street (“St  Mary Hall Lane”)
  • Blue Boar Street (“Blue Boar Lane”)
  • Alfred Street (“Bear Lane”)
  • Oriel Square (“From Oriel to Blue Boar Lane”)
  • St Aldate’s Street (“Fish Street”), east side only
South-West Ward
  • St Aldate’s Street (“Fish Street”), west side only
  • Brewer Street (“Brewers Lane”)
  • Pembroke Street (“Pembroke or Beef Lane”)
  • Pennyfarthing Street.
  • St Ebbe’s Street (“St Ebb’s Lane”)
  • Church Street, St Ebbe’s (“St Ebb’s Lane”)
  • Queen Street (“Butcherrow”), south side only, including the part after the present St Ebbe’s Street as far as the junction with Castle Street
North-West Ward
  • Queen Street (“Butcherrow”), north side only
  • New Road (only partially built in 1772)
  • Castle yard
  • Bulwark’s Lane (“Bulwark’s Alley”)
  • George Street Mews (“Broken Hayes”)
  • Tidmarsh Lane (“Titmarsh Lane”), including south end of present Worcester Street
  • George Street (“George Lane”)
  • Hollybush Row
  • St Thomas’s Street(“from Fisher Row to St. Thomas’s Church”)
  • The Hamel (“Hammil”)
  • Lower Fisher Row (“Fisherrow from Castle Bridge [= Quaking Bridge] to High [= Hythe] Bridge”)
  • Upper Fisher Row (“Thieving Corner from the north side of High [= Hythe] Bridge”)
  • Worcester Street and the south end of Walton Street (“from George Lane up by Worcester College to Rats and Mice Hill”)
  • Gloucester Street (“From George Lane to the east end of Gloucester Green”)
  • Friar’s Entry and north side of Gloucester Green to Walton Street(“from Fryar’s Entry to Worcester College”)
  • New Inn Hall Street (“New Inn Lane”)
  • Cornmarket Street West (North Gate Street, West side)
  • Magdalen Street west and the row in the middle of the street
  • St Giles west
  • Woodstock Road east
  • Banbury Road west
North-East Ward
  • Cornmarket Street, east side only
  • Magdalen Street, east side only
  • Broad Street
  • Ship Street (“Ship Lane”)
  • Market Street (“Jesus College Lane”)
  • Turl Street (“from All Saints’ Church to the Broad”)
  • Brasenose Lane
  • St Mary’s Lane
  • Catte Street (“Cat Street”)
  • New College Lane
  • Parks Road (“Lane leading to Wadham from the Dog & Partridge”)
  • Holywell Street
  • Longwall Street
  • St Cross Road (“Road leading to St Cross Church”)
  • High Street, north side only

Plus St Clement’s Street, then outside the city.

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Last updated: 25 September, 2018

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