Some principal inhabitants of Oxford in early 1790s

Universal Directory of Britain, early 1790s

Note that although the Universal British Directory is dated 1791 on the title-page of Volume I, Volume IV containing Oxford was not in fact published until the mid-1790s. This explains why Vincent Shortland, who held office from September 1794 to September 1795, is listed as Mayor.

Links are to people who served as Mayors of Oxford.

Principal inhabitants and businesses of Oxford 1794–5*
(excluding the University)


Vincent Shortland, Esq., Mayor


Edward Tawney, Esq.
George Tonge, Esq.
Sir John Treacher, Knt.


Mr . William Thorp
Mr. Edward Lock
Mr. William Fletcher
Mr. Nicholas Halse
Mr. Richard Weston
Mr. John Parsons
Mr. Christopher Yeats
Mr. James Pears
Sir John Skynner, Knt., Recorder
Francis Burton, Esq., Deputy Recorder
Thomas Walker, Esq., Town-clerk


Mr. James Juggins

The following have before served the office of Bailiff

Mr. William Drought
Mr. Thomas Castle
Mr. William Brown
Mr. John Drewe
Mr. Richard Williams
Mr. P. Rowbotham
Mr. William Sheard
Mr. S. Thomas Wood
Mr. Joseph Hart
Mr. Adam Couldry
Mr. John Collis
Mr. Stephen Haynes
Mr. William Costar
Mr. Thomas Wyatt
Mr. William Piesley
Mr. Thomas Bush
Mr. William Forty
Mr. Edward Hitchings
Mr. William Hyde
Mr. James Tagg
Mr. William Wright
Mr. James Rowland
Mr. John Johnson
Mr. Thomas Hardy
Mr. John Battin
Mr. James Shipton
Mr. Richard Grain
Mr. Pasover Rice
Mr. James Costar
Mr. Joseph Lock
Mr. John Thorp


Mr. Gilbert Godfrey
Mr. Richard Madge

The following have before served the office of Chamberlain

Mr. James Morrell
Mr. William E. Taunton
Mr. Thomas Prickett
Mr. John Meysey
Mr. Pierce Walsh
Mr. William Loder
Mr. Frederic Rogers
Mr. John Smith
Mr. John Bletsoe
Mr. Thomas Jones
Mr. John Slatter
Mr. Henry Churchill
Mr. James Adams
Mr. James Jackson
Mr. William Folker
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. John Barney
Mr. Samuel Lawrance
Mr. Thomas Benwell
Mr. John Cox
Mr. William Robinson
Mr. Samuel Morris
Mr. Samuel Carson
Mr. James Halse
Mr. John Swift
Mr. William Tubb
Mr. William Benwell
Mr. William Slatter
Mr. William Crump
Mr. James Appletree
Mr. William Sheard
Mr. T. F. Bricknell
Mr. James Curtis
Mr. Joseph Walker
Mr. William Winter
Mr. S. Wentworth
Mr. Charles Curtis
Mr. Nathaniel Elliot
Mr. Charles Fidler
Mr. Loder Prickett

Common Council

Mr. William Tubb, sen.
Mr. William Rought
Mr. Thomas Willsdon
Mr. Richard Southam
Mr. Thomas Treadwell
Mr. John Hibbits
Mr. John Joy
Mr. Simon Brown
Mr. John Sheard
Mr. S. Richardson
Mr. Nicholas Gunn
Mr. John Archer
Mr. Thomas Giles
Mr. Samuel Trash
Mr. Herbert Parsons
Mr. Robert Watson
Mr. William Halse
Mr. John Coleman
Mr. Robert Rice
Mr. William Bulley
Mr. Joseph Harper
Mr. Thomas Polley
Mr. William Giles
Mr. Richard Wootten
Frederic Rogers, Chief Serjeant at Mace
Benjamin Coster, Second Serjeant
Charles Cook, Mayor’s Serjeant, and Crier

Bailiff’s Serjeants

Benjamin Johnson
John Bradstreet
William Tonge, Marshal


Baines Edward, Gent.
Battin John, Gent.
Bishop Sir Wilson
Brown John, Gent.
Clark John, Gent.
Cox John, Gent
Curtis Charles, Gent.
Dall Robert, Gent.
Dewey John, Gent.
Fletcher James, Gent.
Forty William, Gent.
Fowle William, Gent.
Goddard Thomas, Gent.
Golightly William, Gent.
Henley Thomas, Gent.
Howman Richard, Gent.
Hundred William, Gent.
Mackworth Sir Digby
Malchier John, Gent.
Marlborough, His Grace the Duke of
Matthews James, Gent.
Meyhew Thomas, Gent.
Meyhew Joseph, Gent.
Parker Edward, Gent.
Parker Sark, Gent.
Phalls John, Gent.
Potts Edward, Gent.
Prince Daniel, Gent.
Shermon William, Gent.
Slater —, Gent.
Smith Matthew, Gent.
Stacy Walker, Gent.
Taylor William, Gent.
Turner Daniel, Gent.
Turner John, Gent.
Wace Robert, Gent.
White Thomas, Gent.
Winstanley Thomas, Gent.
Yates Christopher, Gent.


Algar Rev. Joseph
Booth Rev. William
Bourne Rev. Robert
Bright Rev. Henry
Brown Rev. William
Carter Rev. John
Cleaver, Rt. Rev. William, Bishop of Chester
Cook Rev. Dr.
Cox Rev. John
Crouch Rev. Isaac
Farrow Rev. John
Foster Rev. Samuel
Friend Rev. William Maxam
Gauntlett Rev. Samuel
Gutch Rev. John
Hart Rev. Samuel
Hinton Rev. James
Holmes Rev. Robert
Isham Rev. Edmund
Neave Rev. Dr.
Rathbone Rev. John
Reveley Rev. D.
Robinson Rev. Thomas
Slater Rev. John
Surgrove Rev. William
White Rev. Dr.
Wood Rev. Richard


Bailey Edward, Druggist
Bennett Daniel Druggist
Binford Richard, Surgeon
Bourne Robert, M.D.
Bull George, Surgeon
Clarson, Henry, Apothecary
Curtis Richard, Surgeon
Grosvenor John, Surgeon
Ireland John, Apothecary
Langford Thomas, Surgeon
Pasco Thomas, Chemist and Druggist
Pass —, Apothecary
Pegge Christopher, M.D.
Rawlins and Wooton, Apothecaries
Rawlins Richard, Apothecary
Sandell Edward, Apothecary
Smith John, M.D.
Stacy Peter Henry, Surgeon
Toosey Henry, Surgeon
Vivian William, M.D.
Wall Martin, M.D.
Warton Theophilus, Apothecary


Buckland Richard, Attorney
Evans John, Attorney
Fidler James, Attorney
Fountain William, Attorney
Meysey John, Attorney
Morrell James, Attorney
Prickett Giles, Attorney
Prickett Loder, Attorney
Walsh Pearce, Attorney


Adams James, Upholder
Adams William, Victualler (Black Horse)
Adams John, Shoemaker
Albin Miss, Milliner
Alwood Samuel, Baker
Archer Robert, Carper and Gilder
Archer John, Brewer
Atkins —, Taylor

Badcock Thomas, Cabinet-maker
Badnall William, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Bailey William, Baker
Baker John, Plumber
Bantiney James, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Banting William, Hair-dresser
Bardgett Joseph, School-master
Barnes John, Victualler
Barrott Thomas, Book-binder
Bartlett Thomas, Victualler (Blue Lion)
Bartlett John, Flax-dresser and Sail-cloth-maker
Basley Daniel, Broker and Auctioneer
Batchelor John, Mason
Batson William, Glass and China Man
Baxter Richard, Hair-dresser
Baxter Richard, Tallow-Chandler
Bayles C. Richard, Perfumer
Baylis John, Fruiterer
Baylis Thomas, Baker
Bayne Rotheram, Cutler
Beckett John, Coal-merchant
Beesley Thomas, Victualler
Belling Ann, Slater and Plasterer
Benfold John, Tinplate-worker
Bennett John, Boot and Shoe Maker
Benwell William, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Benwell John, Schoolmaster
Bernasconi —, Plasterer
Berryman Peter, Broker
Best Thomas, Peruke-maker
Best Richard, Peruke-maker
Best John, Victualler (Cross Keys)
Best John, Clothes-seller
Bewsley Elizabeth, Grocer
Billings John, Grocer and Liquor-merchant
Binks Sarah, Victualler
Birmingham Peter, Broker
Bishop John, Carpenter
Bishop William, Victualler
Blackwell Thomas, Taylor
Blenkins Richard, Hair-dresser
Blinco John, Victualler
Bliss Robert, Bookseller and Stationer
Bliss John, Painter
Blunt John, Breeches-maker and Glover
Board Sarah, Saddler
Boetes Mary, Victualler
Bolton Charles, Plumber and Glazier
Booth Thomas, Victualler
Borlase John, Corn-chandler
Boswell Francis, Church-bell Hanger
Boswell John, Whitesmith
Bradley —, Victualler
Bradstreet John, Grocer
Brady Elizabeth, Victualler (Greyhound)
Bricknell Thomas, Tanner
Brine Benjamin, Victualler (Dog and Partridge)
Briscoe Elizabeth, Victualler (Three Horse-shoes)
Briscoe Edward, Toy-shop
Brock Thomas, Collar-maker
Brodeau Susanna
Brokelsby John, Keeper of Livery-stables
Brooks Mary, Grocer
Brooks James, Shoemaker
Brown Robert, Grocer
Brown Martin, Victualler (Jolly Sportsman)
Brown Robert, Plumber and Glazier
Brown Simon, Smith and Ironmonger
Brown William, Linen-draper & Mercer
Buck Thomas, Fishmonger
Buckley Richard, Victualler
Budd Richard, Victualler (Royal Oak)
Bulby William, Innkeeper (Angel)
Burdon John, Mason
Burley Richard, Taylor, and-Gown and Cap Maker
Burrows William, Maltster and Baker
Burrows Thomas, Miller and Baker
Burrows, Thomas, Miller and Baker
Bush Thomas, Ironmonger
Butcher James, Victualler (Post-boy)
Butler James, Stationer and Perfumer
Bygate and Thredwell, Taylors, and Gown and Cap Makers

Cale John, Victualler
Callcott William, Bookseller
Calloway Thomas, Victualler
Campinione A., Printseller
Cantwell Ralph, Printer
Cappell Richard, Wheelwright
Carey Matthew, Fruiterer
Carr John, Wheelwright
Carpenter John, Saddler
Carter William, Fruiterer
Carter William, Painter and Gilder
Carter John, Victualler (Bargeman)
Carson Samuel, Wine-merchant
Castle George, Victualler
Castle Thomas, Grocer
Castle John, Victualler
Cauling Thomas, Victualler (7 Stars)
Chaundry William, Baker
Churchill William, Victualler (Swan)
Clark and Burbeck, Linen and Woollen Drapers
Clark Frances, Victualler
Clark Deborah, Glass-seller
Clark John, Victualler
Cleaver John, Joiner
Cleaver —, Carpenter
Clements Richard, Victualler
Clements Samuel, Innkeeper (3 Cups)
Clive Thomas, Victualler (Bell)
Cole James, Engraver
Coleman John, Currier
Collingwood Samuel, Printer
Collins Mary, Glover
Collins William, Baker
Collins William, Victualler
Collis John, Gun-maker
Collquit James, Carrier
Conray John, Fruiterer
Constable William, Wig-maker
Cook James, Gardener
Cook Couldry, Victualler (Wheat-sheaf)
Cook James, Carrier
Cook Joshua, Bookseller
Cook Rob., Victualler (Lamb & Banner)
Cooper William, Livery-stables
Coppin Thomas, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Coppin Benjamin, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Cormack Michael, Fruiterer
Coster James, Grocer, Tea-dealer, and Tallow-chandler
Cosur Benjamin, Victualler
Couldry —. Tea-dealer and Grocer
Coulin Mary, Fruiterer
Court Thomas, Bargemaster
Court John, Wine-merchant
Cox —. Keeper of a Tennis-court
Cox James, Peruke-maker
Cox Richard, Linen-draper & Haberdasher
Cox Frances, Yeoman
Cox John, Cabinet-maker
Cox Charles, Perfumer & Hair-dresser
Cozens Tho., Victualler (Golden Ball)
Cross John, Shoemaker
Crump William, Chinaman
Crozier James, Cork-cutter
Curtis Charles, Callenderer

Darnell Richard, Writing-master
Davenport Thomas, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Davenport John, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Davenport James, Music-seller
Davis Stephen, Boat-builder
Davis Cha., Agent to the Sun Fire-office
Davis Mary, Baker
Davis Thomas, Victualler
Davis Michael, Taylor
Davis Mary, Innkeeper (Sun)
Day —. Keeper of Livery-stables
Day and Parker, Upholders
Deadman Francis, Plasterer
Dell Thomas, Baker
Dennett Henry, Hair-dresser
Denton Samuel, Clock & Watch Maker
Dewe Richard, Grocer
Dickinson Richard, Hair-dresser
Dodd Charles, Victualler
Doe Mary, Milliner
Douch Matthew, Victualler
Dry William, Taylor
Ducker Grace, Victualler
Dunsford —. Clerk of the Canal

Eares Joseph, Carpenter
Earl Thomas, Victualler
Eaton Thomas, Grocer and Auctioneer
Eaton —. Coal and Wood Merchant
Eaton John, Victualler
Eaton Stephen, Victualler
Edmonds John, Grocer
Elliott Nicholas, Horse-dealer
Elliott Nathaniel, Schoolmaster & Auctioneer
Ellis Daniel, Taylor
Emanuel Wm., Victualler (3 Friars)
Emery Avon, Carpenter
English Jonathan, Smith
Ensworth Thomas, Liquor-merchant
Evans John, Victualler (Dragon)

Faulkner Joseph, sen., Shoemaker
Faulkner Joseph, jun., Shoemaker
Faulkner John, Coal-merchant
Fell John, Peruke-maker
Fenton George, Hair-dresser
Fernce Samuel, Victualler (Hind’s Head)
Ferryman William, Turner
Fidler Wheeler Charles, Perfumer
Field John, Victualler (Chequers)
Field Susanna, Corn-dealer
Fisher William, Carpenter
Fisher William, Joiner
Fletcher William, Trunk-maker
Fletcher, Parsons, and Co., Linen drapers
Fletcher Thomas, Victualler
Fletcher and Hanwell, Booksellers
Floyd John, Shoemaker
Folker William, Cabinet-maker
Foster Thomas, Shoemaker
Foster Wm., Hair-dresser & Perfumer
Foster Tho., Hair-dresser & Perfumer
Frank Robert, Victualler
Freeman Hugh, Victualler
Freeman and Hodges, Brush-makers
Fribbins Tho., Victualler (Chequers)

Gibbins Hicks Baptist, Bell-hanger
Gilbert John, Victualler (Spread Eagle)
Giles William, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Giles Thomas, Butcher
Gillart Thomas, Hair-dresser
Godfrey Gilbert, Mason
Godfrey Thomas, Baker
Godfrey Francis, Victualler
Goddard Ann, Hatter
Goodhall Edw., Boot and Shoe Maker
Goodwin Mary, Coffee-house Keeper
Gould Charles, Victualler
Graham Rd., Linen and Woollen Draper
Grain Richard, Bargemaster
Grainge George, Hair-dresser
Grant Edward, Victualler
Grant John, Tea-dealer
Green Rob., Victualler (Queen’s Head)
Green John, Victualler
Green John, Baker
Greene John, Painter
Greenwood Thomas, Innkeeper (Cross)
Guffin William, Mason
Gunn Nicholas, Grocer

Haines William, Baker
Haines Robert, Watchmaker
Hall Richard, Victualler
Hall Thomas
Halse James, Upholder
Halse Nicholas, Saddler
Hancock Mary, Victualler
Hands Nicholas, Victualler
Hanks Mary, Slater
Hanmore Robert, Shoemaker
Hardman Robert, Hair-dresser
Hardwin John, Keeper of a Tennis-court
Hardy Thomas, Mercer
Hardy Henry, Music-seller
Harper Joseph, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Harris John, Victualler
Harris Thomas, Victualler
Harris John, Linen-draper
Harrison Thomas, Hat-manufacturer
Harrison William, Victualler
Hart Joseph, Builder
Hart Joseph, Carpenter
Hartley Edward, Cabinet-maker
Harvey Andrew, Hemp & Flax Dresser
Hasker William, Hatter
Hastings Edward, Shoemaker
Hayes William, Victualler
Hayes William, Stationer & Bookseller
Hayes Wm., Grocer & Tallow-chandler
Hayles Thomas, Boot & Shoe Maker
Hayles John, Slater
Haynes Stephen, Breeches-maker
Hayward Thomas, Musician
Hedge Edward, Builder
Hemmins William, Victualler
Hemmings Thomas, Victualler
Herbert John, Grocer & Haberdasher
Hewitt John, Broker
Hewlett Thomas, Plasterer
Hibbets John, Mercer
Hicks Joseph, Victualler
Hickings Edward, Taylor
Hickman John, Plumber & Glazier
Hickman Richard, Victualler
Higgs William, Victualler
Higgins Joseph, Keeper of Livery-stables
Higgins Edw., Keeper of Livery-stables
Hillier Henry, Peruke-maker
Hinton Henry, Ironmonger
Hiscock Richard, Butcher
Hodgkins Thomas, Taylor, and Gown & Cap Maker
Holmes Thomas, Boot & Shoe Maker
Honner John, Poulterer
Hood Thomas Sutton, Brewer
Hood Thomas, Victualler (Swan)
Hooper Richard
Hopkins Richard, Coal-merchant
Hounslow Job, Slater
House Mary, Victualler
House Thomas, Victualler (Royal Barge)
Hughes Edward, Victualler
Hughes John, Cooper
Hughes A., Victualler
Hunt Henry, Carrier
Hunt John, Clock and Watch Maker
Hurst John, Victualler
Hurst Thomas, Baker
Hyde Joseph, Grocer
Hyde Joseph, Taylor
Hyde William Grocer and Tea-dealer

Isaac Henry, Clothes-seller
Inett William, Hair-dresser
Jackson Edward, Livery-stables
Jackson Paul, Music-shop
James Richard, Staymaker
Johnson Benjamin, Taylor
Johnson John Builder
Joice Rich., Breeches-maker and Glover
Jones David Wm., Carver and Gilder
Jones Mary, Grocer and Stamp-office
Jones Messrs, Fishmongers
Joy John, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Joyce and Hayes, Coffee-house
Judge William Fruiterer
Juggins James, Mercer and Hatter
Jung John, Music-shop

Karvy William Baker
Keats Moses, Victualler
Kemp Edward, Baker
Kennington Henry, Taylor
Kenvell John, Butcher
Kenvell Stephen, Shoemaker
Kimberley John, Lodging-house
King Charles, Master of the Poor-house
King Tho., Victualler (White Horse)
Kirby —. Baker
Kirkland Samuel, Grocer and Chinaman
Knapp James, Victualler
Knibbs, Wm., Victualler (Noah’s Ark)
Knowles Thomas, Mason

Lanchlow James, Victualler (Plough)
Langford Rob., Grocer and Tea-dealer
Langford William, Gingerbread-baker
Lawrence John, Taylor
Lawrence Thomas, Rectifier and Grocer
Leach Charles, Carpenter, Joiner, and Cabinet-maker
Lee Benjamin, Cork-cutter
Lee Rich., Victualler (Waggon & Horses)
Lee Wm., Wheatsheaf and Anchor Inn
Lichfield John, Carpenter
Lipscomb John, Victualler (Bear)
Lister James, Crown Inn
Lister William, Salesman and Broker
Lock and Son, Jewellers
Lockey John, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Loder William, Stationer
Loder William, Saddler
Loder Robert, Limner
London Elizabeth, Victualler
Love Ann and Mary, Clothes-shop
Love Richard, Victualler
Lucas Thomas, Broker
Lucas William, Taylor

Mackinnon Allin, Hair-dresser
Maisey, Thomas, Farrier and Victualler
Maldum Richard, Blue Boar Inn, and Broker and Auctioneer
Maltby Ann, Victualler
Mander W., Victualler (Coach &Horses)
Manning John, New Inn
Manton Tho., Victualler (Black Boy)
Marsh Thomas, Shoemaker
May John, Victualler (Balloon)
Medwin Andrew, Saddler
Merrick John, Bookseller
Metcalf W., Victualler (Masons’ Arms)
Midwinter John, Poulterer
Millis John, Pastry-cook
Mitchell Edward, Shoemaker
Moore George, Baker
Moore Samuel, Boot and Shoe Maker
Morris John, Clothes-shop
Morris Samuel, Boot and Shoe Maker
Morris William, Baker
Morrison John, Perfumer
Munday Thomas, Upholsterer

Newman Ralph, Cabinet maker
Norgrove John, Victualler (Little Cross)
North William, Shoemaker

Oborne James, Saddler & Harness-maker
Orpwood James, Victualler

Padbury —. Bookbinder
Palmer Charles, Bookseller & Stationer
Palmer William, Chequer Inn
Parker Thomas, Baker
Parker William, Victualler (Ship)
Parr Dalton, Linen-draper
Parr James, Liquor-merchant
Parsons Ann, Toy-shop
Pavier Edward, Cutler
Pavier Edward, Smith and Victualler
Pavier William, Smith and Bell-hanger
Pawlin James, Milkman
Pawlin Joseph, Milkman
Payne John, Cabinet-maker
Peake Tho., Victualler (Granby Head)
Pears James, Builder
Pendenton Richard, Mason
Penn W. James, Victualler
Penson John, Gardener
Penson Robert, Gardener and Seedsman
Pesley William, Currier
Philps Thomas, Coal-merchant
Pike Thomas, Taylor
Pingree William, Greyhound Inn
Plaister Edward, Shoemaker
Plaister William, Victualler
Plater William, Brush-maker
Platt Robert, Liquor-merchant
Polley Jn., Sacking-cloth Manufacturer
Polley Thomas, Coal-merchant
Povey William, Hair-dresser
Pridice George, Victualler
Prior Thomas, Shoemaker

Quarterman Abraham, Baker

Rackstraw Thomas, Bear Inn
Randall and Wood, Coal-merchants
Randall John, Mason
Randall Josiah, Hat-manufacturer
Ratliff James., Musician
Reynolds and Earle, Clockmakers
Reynolds William, Coal-merchant
Rice Robert, Taylor
Richards James, Circulating Library
Richardson Stephen, Tea-dealer
Richings Tho., Breeches-maker & Glover
Rickets David, Taylor
Rivard John, Fencing and French Master
Roads Emanuel, Grocer and Tallow-chandler
Roberts Edward, Grocer
Robinson —. Smith and Bell-hanger
Robinson William, Upholder
Rogers Frederic, Taylor
Rogers John, Huckster
Rogers Thomas, Skinner
Roinocle Joseph, Musician
Rone Wm., Fruiterer and Confectioner
Rose James, Smith and Farrier
Rose William, Brass and Bell Founder
Rought William, Stationer and Painter
Roullidge A., Hair-dresser
Rout John, Turner and Painter
Rowland James and William, Bakers
Rushbridge Edward, Shoemaker

Sadler Tho., Pastry-cook and Confectioner
Sadler Thomas, Schoolmaster
Sanders Robert, Boot and Shoe Maker
Savery Thomas, Plumber and Glazier
Sayer Thomas, Victualler
Scarsbrook John, Collar-maker
Scott —. Staymaker
Seekham Samuel, Livery-stables
Seely William, Grocer
Sellar Richard, Shoemaker
Sendry James, Goldsmith
Shaw Richard, Baker
Shaw William, Baker
Sheard John, Saddler, and Cap and Whip Maker
Sheard William, Grocer
Shellard Daniel, Taylor
Sheldon Nathaniel, Victualler (Bell)
Shephard George, Fruiterer
Shephard Mrs., Milliner
Shephard William, Taylor
Shephard Wm., Victualler (White Lion)
Shephard William, Carpenter
Shillingsworth William, Farmer
Shipton James, Carpenter and Joiner
Sims W. G. and Co., Importers of Wine and Foreign Spirits
Sirman James, Taylor
Slater James, Boot and Shoe Maker
Slater James, Victualler (Anchor)
Slater John, Victualler (Old Blue Post)
Slater John, Glazier and Plumber
Slater Thomas, Carpenter
Slater William, Baker
Slater William, Boot and Shoe Maker
Slaughty William, King’s Arms Inn
Smith Catharine, Smith and Farrier
Smith Esther, Hat-manufacturer
Smith Henry, Mercer
Smith Joseph, Eating-house
Smith Moses, Hat-manufacturer
Smith Richard, Print-seller
Smith Richard, Victualler
Smith Richard, Boot and Shoe Maker
Smith Robert, Alfred’s Head Inn
Sommerton Walter, Horse-dealer
Southley John, Coachmaker
Speakman Robert, Taylor, and Gown and Cap Maker
Spendelow James, Victualler
Stanton Thomas, Coachmaker
Stephens —. Hair-dresser
Stephens Charles, Smith
Stone James, Smith
Stone Richard, Victualler (Anchor)
Stowe Harley, Farmer
Stowe —. Auctioneer
Swallow John, Hardwareman
Swift John, Plumber and Glazier

Taman Wm., Hair-dresser and Perfumer
Taseler Mary, Huckster
Task Henry, Three Goats Inn
Tawney Edward, Brewer
Taylor John, Victualler (Blue Pig)
Taylor John, Victualler
Taylor Joseph, Cooper
Taylor Joseph, Cabinet-maker
Taylor Robert, Clothes-shop
Taylor Thomas, Taylor
Taylor William, Baker
Taylor William, Livery-Stables
Thomas John, Butcher
Thompson John, Livery-stables
Thornton Mich., Victualler (Nag’s Head)
Thorp John and William, Hosiers
Tombs William, Huckster
Tombs William, Grocer
Toners W., Wine and Brandy Merchant
Tonge and Madge, Goldsmiths
Torney Henry, Carpenter, and Agent to the Royal Exchange Fire-office
Townsend Stephen, Stonemason
Treacher Sir John, Brewer
Tubb James, Shoemaker
Tubb John, Farmer
Tubb John, Baker
Tubb Robert, Cooper
Tubb William, Grocer, and Agent to the Bristol Fire-office
Turner —. Victualler (Hare & Hounds)
Turner Ann, Brewer
Turner Francis, Staffordshireware-shop
Turner Jn., Victualler (Horse & Jockey)
Turner Mary, Perfumer
Turrell Edw., Victualler (Star & Garter)
Twyer Ann, Victualler (Griffin)
Tyrer John, Gown and Cap Maker

Veary John, Tea-dealer
Venables William, Bull Inn and Livery-stables
Vincent Aaron, Schoolmaster

Wace Robert, Ironmonger
Wakelin William, Victualler (Fox)
Walker and Trash, Wine merchants
Walker Joseph, Cooper
Walker Robert, Fruiterer
Walker Samuel, Hair-dresser
Walker William, Coal-merchant
Wall John, Victualler (Fleece &Crown)
Warburton George, Grocer
Ward and Holland, Coal-merchants
Ward John, Taylor
Ward John, Farmer
Ward Richard, Huckster
Ward Thomas Maltster
Watson Robert, Agent to the Phoenix Fire-office
Watts Elizabeth, Fruiterer
Watts Samuel, Ship Inn
Weller Charles, Farrier
Wells Edward, Liquor-merchant
Wells Elizabeth, Victualler (Red Lion)
Wells William, Victualler (Plough)
West William, Gardener and Seedsman
Weston Samuel, Surveyor
Weston Edward, Gingerbread-baker
Wheeler —. Farrier
Wheeler Charles, Dancing-master
White William, Victualler (Coach and Horses)
Whiting John, Victualler
Wickens James, Confectioner
Wickens Joseph, Boot and Shoe Maker
Wilkins Geo., Clock and Watch Maker
Williams John, Taylor and Victualler
Williams John, Coach-painter
Williams Richard, Baker
Williams Susannah, Victualler
Wilmot John, Victualler (Black Lion)
Wilson John, Victualler
Wiltshire Edward, Baker
Winkworth Stephen, Star Inn and Excise-office
Winter James, Victualler (3 Horse-shoes)
Winter William, Upholder
Wise Francis, Baker and Confectioner
Wise John, Hair-dresser
Wise Robert, Hair-dresser & Perfumer
Wise William, Academy
Wood Thomas, Bookbinder
Wood William, Hair-dresser
Woodcock William, Musician
Wootten Richard, Linen-draper
Wright William, Butcher
Wright Thomas, Butcher
Wyatt Mary and Sons, Barge-owners
Wyatt Richard, Mason and Victualler
Wyatt William, Baker
Wynne Jonas, Shoemaker

Excise Office: Crown Inn, Corn-market

James Bailey, Supervisor
Thomas Young, Collector
John Proser, First Officer
William Banton, Second ditto
John Flint, Third ditto
Thomas Smith, Fourth ditto

This information was reproduced from the 1791 Universal Directory of Britain with kind permission of the Archive CD Books Project, a not-for-profit organisation which exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.