Some tradesmen of Oxford in two 1816 directories

Extract from Holden’s Directory, 1816 (Class 1 entries)
O X F O R D — 34
  • Andrew James (hop) Corn market
  • Brown C. (wine and brandy) Corn market
  • Carson, Samuel (wine and brandy) Queen street
  • Ensworth T (wine and brandy) Corn market
  • Etty Simeon (wine) St Aldates
  • Latimer Edward (wine) High street
  • Smith Richard (wine and spirit) High street

Coaches.– To the Bell and Crown, and Bell, Holborn, Black Lion, Water lane, Bolt in Tun, Fleet street; likewise, see Birmingham, Worcester, or Gloucester, daily to London

Waggons.– To the King’s Head, Old Change; the Bull; Holborn; the King’s Arms, Holborn bridge, New Inn, Old Bailey, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane, London

Vessels.– To Bull, Kennet’s Brooks, and Trig Wharfs, London

Inn.– Star Inn and Hotel, Angel Inn, Three Cups, Mitre, Blue Boar, and Roebuck

Post Office.– John Brown


  • W. Bardgett
  • Rev. W. Brown, proctor
  • G. Cecil
  • C. Dudley
  • Rev. J. Gutch, proctor
  • J. C. Mitchell
  • R. Morrell and J. Buswell
  • L. Prickett
  • W. Rhodes, proctor
  • T. Robertson
  • D. Taunton
  • T. H. Taunton
  • C. Tomes
  • P. Tubb
  • P. W. and H. Walsh
  • T. R. Walker


  • Cox, Morrell and Co. on Jones, Loyd and Co.
  • Fletcher and Parsons, on Hammersley and Co.
  • Walker, Thomas and Cox on Willis and Co.
  • Kirby and Co. on Masterman and Co.

Extract from Underhill’s Directory, 1816 (Class 3 entries)
OXFORD, Oxfordshire.– 55
  • Archer Robert (carver and gilder) High street
  • Bayne Mary (cutler) High street
  • Brown and Son (gun makers) High street
  • Brown S. H. (ironmonger) High street
  • Browning James (ironmonger) Corn market
  • Bush T. and Son (ironmongers and braziers) High street
  • Carr Charles (saddler) Turle
  • Clements John (watch maker) High street
  • Coles John (coach maker) St. Giles’s
  • Carter Richard (coach maker) St Giles’s
  • Denton Samuel (watch maker) High street
  • Dolley Robert (coach maker) St. Aldate’s
  • Drury R. (watch maker) Blue Boar lane
  • Dupe William (gun maker) St Aldate’s
  • Fidler Charles Wheeler (silversmith) High street
  • Forrest James (gun maker) High street
  • Halse and Sherrard (saddlers)
  • Holland Joseph (goldsmith and jeweller), High street
  • Hopkins William (coach maker) St. Giles’s
  • Hunt John (watch maker) St. Clement’s
  • Jackson William (saddler) St. Martin’s
  • King John (plumber, &c.)
  • Lock and Son (goldsmiths) High street
  • Loder William (jeweller) High street
  • Medwin Andrew (saddler) High street
  • Meredith Isaac (cutler) St. Clement’s
  • Newman Ralph (wire worker) High street
  • Osborne Sarah (saddler) St Martin’s
  • Pearson Richard (watch maker) High street
  • Price Mary (harness maker) St. Clement’s
  • Robinson William (whitesmith) Turle
  • Rose William (brass founder) Magdalen parish
  • Rose Charles (whitesmith) St. Martin’s
  • Seersbrook John (harness maker) St. Giles’s
  • Sidney Mary (jeweller) High street
  • Slatter John (plumber, &c.) High street
  • Sykes James (gun maker) High street
  • Wyatt James (carver and gilder)