Gardner’s 1852 Directory: Oxford: Trades: U–Z

Umbrella Makers

Hitchcock George, St. Clements
Kent E.P., 33 Pembroke street
Seary D., King’s row, St. Aldate’s


Bailey Selim, George-street
Boswell Francis, Cornmarket-street
Bull John, 8 Queen-street
Castle William, 143 High-street
Deacon James, 72 George-street
Faulkner Charles, 1 George-street
Gardner John, 16 Union-street
Liddell Robert, St. Clements
Payne William, 121½ High street
Stone John, George-street
Wells Benjamin, George-street

Veterinary Surgeons

Hall Richard, 14 New Inn Hall-street
James Henry, 4 Queen-street
Jones William, 1 Blenheim terrace, St. Giles’-road
Wadlow C.H., St. Ebbe’s street

Watch and Clock Makers

See also Silversmiths and Jewellers

Carter Henry, 19 High-street
Clements John, 44 High-street
Davy C., 55 Cornmarket-street
Fiske & Son, 23 Cornmarket-street
Hunt James, 2 New-road
Hobdell Emily, 128 High-street
Lawson Charles, Gloucester-green
Levi Israel, 68 St. Giles’-street
Marshall Thomas R., 31 High-street
Milne Robert, 95 High-street
Palmer John, 2 Littlegate-street
Pearson Hawtin, 50 High-street
Rainer Joseph, St. Clements
Roberts Thomas, 100 High-street
Rowell Richard R., 36 Broad-street
Sheard James, 6 Turl-street
Slatter & Swallow, 107 High-street
Sly Robert, New Inn Hall-street
Sowter John, 38 High-street
Stratton G. J., Walton-place
Wangler Luke, 10 Castle-street
Wells William & Charles, 14 Cornmarket street
West Thomas, St. Clements
Woolf Hershall, 22 road-street
Zacharias Abraham, 2 Cornmarket-street


Allen & Townsend, South Speedwell street
Allen William, New Inn Hall street
Hart Thomas, New street
Higgins Charles, Park end street
Irons John, Summertown
Johnson William, 13 George street
Neal James, St. Clements
Prior James E., Summertown
Saunders Thomas, Worcester-terrace

Whitesmiths and Bell-hangers

See also Ironmongers

Broderick Francis, King’s row, St. Aldate’s-street
Brooks William (& brazier), 19 Queen-street
Browning Jonathan S., Cornmarket-street
Bruce John, 5 New College-street
Dingle William, 19 Commercial-road
Eagleston Hannah, St. Clements
Floyd Henry, 108 High-street
Gardner John, Jericho
Gill and Ward, 5 High-street
Hadley John, Friar’s-entry
Pavier Jonathan (and locksmith), Red Lion-square
Reeves Joseph, Penson’s-gardens
Roberts William, 23 King-street
Salmon Charles, Friar street
Shrimpton Thomas, 47 St. Ebbe’s-street
Sorrell Frederick, Castle-street
Stevens David, Grove-street
Terry Edward, Berry’s-passage, St. Giles’

Window Glass and Lead Merchants

Pike James & Co., Worcester-street

Wine Merchants

Marked * are Spirit also, & ** are Ale & Porter Merchants likewise

Brown Charles, 10 Beaumont street
***Bruton George, 44 and 45 Queen-street
*Butler William Henry, St. Aldate’s-street
*Coleman John, 4 Magdalen-street
*Guy and Leadbetter (and dealers in malt and hops), Frewin’s-court, Cornmarket-street
***Hanley Daniel, 20 Queen-street
Harper John, 35 Holywell-street
*Holland William, 5 Cornmarket-street
Hounslow J., 67 & 68 High-street
Latimer F. & Co., 11 High-street
***Park Christopher & William, 54 Cornmarket-street
*Perkins E., 47 Broad-street
***Purdue & Co., “Oxford Wine Co.”, 4 St. Aldate’s-street
Sheard C.M., 45 Broad-street
***Shillingford & Blake, 41 & 42 Cornmarket-street
***Steane J., 34 Cornmarket-street
***Wickens James, 63 Cornmarket-street

Woodcarvers and Decorators

Chapman John, St. Clements
Margetts & Eyles (& stone), 96½ High-street
Shrimpton John, 20 Broad-street

Woollen Drapers

See also Tailors and Robe Makers

Badcock C. (& tailor’s trimmer & hosier), 12 Queen-street
Elliston & Cavell (& carpet warehousemen), 12 Magdalen-street
Evans & Co. (& carpet warehousemen), 12 High-street