City of Oxford electors


The “Poll of the Freemen and Electors of the City of Oxford on Tuesday June 30, 1841” was published in two consecutive issues of Jackson’s Oxford Journal (14 and 21 August 1841)


Part 1 (PDF)

List of all the Freemen; followed by a list of the Freemen who did not vote


Part 2 (PDF)
Lists of all Householders of the following parishes:
All Saints, St Aldate’s, Binsey, Cowley, St Clement’s, St Ebbe’s, St Giles’,
Headington (Headington Hill only), Holywell, St John’s, St Martin’s,
St Mary Magdalen, St Mary the Virgin, St Michael, North Hinksey,
St Peter-in-the-East, St Peter-le-Bailey,
St Thomas, and Wolvercote;
followed by a list of all the Householders who did not vote



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