Oxford inn and pub landlords and wine vendors

Inns and public houses

Early 1790s: Universal Business Directory: City of Oxford

1823/4: Pigot’s Directory of Oxfordshire

1846: Hunt & Co’s Oxford Directory

Persons licensed to sell wine in the precincts of the University

The Universities (Wine Licences) Act of 1796 (17th Geo. II . Ch. 40) stated in relation to Oxford:

No Person or Persons shall sell Wine by Retail within the University of Oxford, or the Precincts thereof, unless such Person or Persons shall be duly licensed or authorized so to do by the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor of the said University, upon Pain of forfeiting for every Offence the Sum of Five Pounds, one Moiety thereof to the Use of His Majesty and the other Moiety to the Informer, to be recovered in a summary Way in the Court of the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor of the University.

A list of landlords who held University Wine Licences was published in Jackson’s Oxford Journal early each year from 1845 to 1871. It includes many pubs and inns, but not of course beerhouses, which would not have sold wine. The 1796 Act was not repealed until 24 November 2005. Here are some sample lists:






See also the list of hotels, inns, and beer retailers in Gardner's Directory for 1852

The article below from Jackson's Oxford Journal of 5 December 1885 shows the procedure for obtaining a University Wine Licence at the Proctor's Office in the Clarendon Building, and the penalty for selling wine without a licence within the precincts of the University:

Applying for a wine licence, JOJ 5 Dec 1885