Marygold House

Marygold House

Marygold House is a large building occupying the south-west corner of Carfax. Two large shops were demolished in the early 1930s to make way for it: 121 St Aldate's Street, and 1 Queen Street. Because it straddles two streets, it is listed under Carfax in Kelly's Directories.

Earlier buildings on this site
  • Swyndlestock Tavern: this stood here in the fourteenth century, and was the place where the famous town-and-gown riot started on St Scholastica's Day in 1354/5. There is a plaque on the current building remembering the riots: more information
  • Boffin's Bakery: this occupied the former shop at 1 Queen Street in the first part of the twentieth century (photograph)
Marygold House

The ground floor of the present building has always been a bank or building society:

  • From the early 1930s to 1941: Glyn Mills & Co, Bankers
  • By 1943 to 1966: Martin's Bank Ltd
  • By 1970 to the 1980s: Barclays Bank Ltd
  • By 1995: Abbey National.

Santander took over Abbey National in January 2010 and they still occupy the building.

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