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Private Schools

Private schools in the nineteenth century were often very small establishments based in people’s homes. The following are listed in Kelly’s Directory of 1899:

  • Alden Misses, Wellington Villa school, 79 Banbury road, St Giles’ (for boys and girls)
  • Amphlett Mrs E. A., School house, 47 St John’s street (for girls only)
  • Andrews Miss Emily, 36 Pembroke street, St Clement’s [now Rectory Road]
  • Ascham School for Higher Education for Girls (Misses Hales, principals), 5 & 6 Fyfield road
  • Bellamy Mrs Mary, 55 Kingston road (preparatory school)
  • Brooks Misses M.B. & J., 48 St Aldate’s street (for girls only)
  • de la Mare Miss L.E., 157 Iffley road
  • de Leobardy Madame, St Ursula’s school, 38 St Giles’ street & 49 St John’s street
  • Gane Misses, 12 Stanley road
  • Gibbs Miss, 259 Iffley road (for girls only)
  • Hicks Misses L. & M., 191 Cowley road
  • Hooper Misses, Crescent lodge, [9] Park town (for girls only)
  • Horn Mrs & Miss, 21 Little Clarendon street (preparatory school)
  • King Miss Mary E. (kindergarten), 17 Worcester terrace (now Richmond Road)
  • Leonard Miss Annie, 6 Walton street (for girls only)
  • Lynam Charles Cotterill, M.A., Bardwell road (preparatory school)
  • Mardon Misses, 3 Bradmore road (preparatory school)
  • Osberton House Preparatory School (Edward Herbert Wilton, principal), 296 Woodstock road, Summertown
  • Oxford Modern School (Thomas George Harland B.A.Lond.), 193 Iffley road (for boys only)
  • Philiips Mrs, Pembroke house, Cambridge terrace (boarding school)
  • Wainwright, Miss Elizabeth, 59 Walton street (for girls only)
  • West Misses J. & M., 7 St John’s street (for girls only)

A larger private school was Bedford House School in Walton Street, with accommodation for a hundred boys.

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