Oxford Ghost Signs: Oxford brewery signs

Some buildings that are no longer pubs still bear their original brewery signs, while other existing pubs have signs belonging to breweries that no longer exist. Here are a just few examples:

Halls on the Somerset

Sign of the former Hall's Brewery on the Up in Arms pub (formerly the Somerset House pub) at 241 Marston Road


(1) The brewery

Halls Oxford & West Brewery Company Limited no longer exists. The Swan Brewery (originally the Swan's Nest Brewery) was founded in Paradise Gardens, Oxford by 1646 and acquired by William Hall in 1795, and by Allsopp & Sons in 1926.


(2) The pub

The Somerset House pub opened in c.1880 but was rebuilt in the 1930s. It closed in 2016, and reopened as the Up in Arms (whose brewery is the Dodo Pub Company)

Morlands on the Cricketers

Sign of the former Morland Brewery on the Mad Hatter's Speakeasy Cocktail Bar
(formerly the Cricketer's Arms pub)
at 42 Iffley Road


(1) The brewery

Morland Brewery, founded by John Morland in 1711. was bought by Greene King in 2000 and no longer exists. The sign depicts the eighteenth-century English artist George Morland holding palette and brushes in one hand and a glass of ale in the other.


(2) The pub

This fine brewery sign survives near the entrance of the former Cricketer's Arms pub. There is also an engraving of a cricketer, which can be seen here.

The pub was open by 1865, but was rebuilt by Morland Brewery in 1936., It closed in c.2014, and the building is now occupied by The Mad Hatter's Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

Greene King on the Duke of Edinburgh

Sign of the present Greene King Brewery on the Lemon Tree restaurant
(formerly the Duke of Edinburgh pub)
at 76 St Clement's Street


(1) The brewery

Greene King still exists, but their old-style sign beside the old side entrance to the pub in Cave Street no longer has any relevance to the building's current use. It shows a king in green clothing and the date 1799, when the brewery was founded:


(2) The pub

The former Duke of Edinburgh pub was open by the 1870s, and was named after Prince Albert, the second son of Queen Victoria, who was created Duke of Edinburgh in 1866.

The pub closed in 2014 and is now the Lemon Tree restaurant

The former Morrell's Brewery (Lion) Brewery

There is a list of former Morrell's pubs here, but none seems to have a surviving brewery sign. The Morrell's pubs were sold to Greene King in 2002.

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