Oxford Ghost Signs: Lyon's Tea at 15 Lake Street

Lyon's Tea



A Packet for every Pocket


Always the Best



This sign made of enamelled metal probably dates from the 1950s

Lake Street ghost sign


The photograph on the right shows the sign on the side of the former shop at 15 Lake Street (on the side of the shop facing Summerfield).

Here are some of the shopkeepers up to the time the shop closed in about 1965:

  • 1899, 1916: Alfred Belcher
  • 1930: Samuel Smith
  • 1935, 1936: Mrs D. M. Darby
  • 1941: Albert Gutteridge
  • 1943, 1949: Mrs M. Gutteridge
  • 1952: Ronald Grimshaw
  • 1954: Mrs A. Woodford
  • 1956–1964: William H. G. Plumley



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Stephanie Jenkins