Oxford Ghost Signs: Nicholl's Boots, 4–5 Park End Street

Nicholls Boots

This plaque inscribed with the letter N is on the side of the large building at 4–6 Park End Street, facing customers coming from central Oxford.

The N stands for Nicholl. G. Nicholl was a bootmaker here at the two shops to the right of the block (Nos. 4 & 5) by the time Kelly's Directory for 1927 was published, and he was still here in 1936. By 1938, however, his premises had been divided into two, with a cycle shop on the right and the National Cash Register Co. on the left.

No. 6 to the west, which is part of the same building, was a confectioner's shop.

In 1952 the National Cash Register Company at No. 5 expanded into No. 4 next door and made alterations to the ground floor (52/02397/A_H), but Nicholl's sign on the side of the residential property upstairs survived.

The photograph below shows the building and Nicholl plaque in context:

Nicholson's shop in context

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Stephanie Jenkins