Oxford post boxes: Edward VII (1901–1910)

Pillar box in Abingdon Road
Pillar box on east side of Abingdon
Road, just S of police station [M]

Pillar box in Banbury Road
Pillar box on W. side of
Banbury Rd, outside No. 73 [M]

Pillar box at end of Norham Gardens
Pillar box at junction of Norham
Gardens and Parks Road [H]


Pillar box in Marston Street
Pillar box in
Marston Street [M]

Pillar box at Mansfield Road
Pillar box in
Mansfield Road [H]

Pillar box at Walton Street
Pillar box outside Post Office
at 36 Walton Street [M]


Pillar box in Divinity Road
Pillar box near the lower
end of Divinity Road [M]

Linton Road
Pillar box at the junction of Linton
Road and Northmoor Road [M]

Bullingdon Road
Pillar box at Bullingdon Road
and Hurst Street junction [M]


Wall box, St Giles
Wall box in St Giles’s Street,
outside St Giles’ House [A]

Wall box on the road
leading to Boars Hill

Wall box in Abingdon Road
Wall box at 256 Abingdon Road
(Old Post Office, W. side) [A]


Boxes are inscribed “ER”, with a small “VII” in the lower curl of the letter E.


  • [A] Manufactured by W.T. Allen & Co
  • [H] Manufactured by Handyside (Derby & London)
  • [M] Manufactured by McDowall, Steven & Co. Ltd. (London & Glasgow
Stephanie Jenkins, 2013