Oxford boundary markers: Cuckoo Lane (1837)

Boundary stone in Cuckoo Lane


[City coat of arms showing
ox crossing ford]

C. J. S.



This stone stands in Cuckoo Lane, Headington, on the right about thirty yards below the lower of the two paths that lead to John Garne Way

The stone is set too deeply into the ground to ascertain whether there is a date at the end, but the initials “C.J.S.” mean that the stone was set up during the 1836/7 mayoralty of Charles James Sadler, probably not long before he beat the bounds in August/September 1837.

It marks the new parliamentary boundary of Oxford in 1832 (map)

Not a listed structure

This may be the boundary stone described thus by John Gilbert in 1886:
“Pursuing the well-known path from the Marston-road to Joe Pullen's Tree, we find built in the wall on the right hand of the path at the back of the stables of Headington Hill Hall boundary stone No. 2”, which he states in a footnote was inscribed “C.J.S., Mayor, 1837”. If so, it was subsequently moved to the other side of the footpath, to the left of anyone coming up the hill, as he was.

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Stephanie Jenkins, 2013