Oxford boundary markers: Cuckoo Lane south side (?1837)

Boundary stone in Cuckoo Lane


Illegible, but may say
C. J. S. / MAYOR / 1837


This stone stands on the south side of Cuckoo Lane, set in the wall of Headington Hill Hall (see exact position below).

It marks the new parliamentary boundary of Oxford in 1832 (map), which survived until 1886.

Not a listed structure

This may be the boundary stone described thus by John Gilbert in 1886:
“Pursuing the well-known path from the Marston-road to Joe Pullen's Tree, we find built in the wall on the right hand of the path at the back of the stables of Headington Hill Hall boundary stone No. 2”, which he states in a footnote was inscribed “C.J.S., Mayor, 1837”.

If this is the same stone, it would mean that it was set up during the 1836/7 mayoralty of Charles James Sadler, probably not long before he beat the bounds in August/September 1837. It would have marked the municipal boundary of Oxford prior to the changes of 1886.



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Location of stoneAbove: the stone is on the far right of this photograph

Below: map of Cuckoo Lane in 1939, showing this stone to the west of the Hall marked “B S”Cuckoo Lane 1939 map

Stephanie Jenkins