Oxford boundary markers: Godstow Road (1837)

Boundary stone in Cuckoo Lane


[City coat of arms showing
ox crossing ford]

C. J. S.



This stone stands to the south of the Godstow Road, behind a wire fence.

The stone is set too deeply into the ground to ascertain whether there is a date at the end, but the initials “C.J.S.” mean that the stone was set up during the 1836/7 mayoralty of Charles James Sadler, probably not long before he beat the bounds in August/September 1837.

It marks the new parliamentary boundary of Oxford in 1832 (map)

Not a listed structure

This is probably the boundary stone described thus by John Gilbert in 1886:
“This ditch is the boundary now around the Fair Close until the road is reached opposite the entrance to Trigg's Lane, about a hundred yards west of Toll Bridge, at the foot of which, on the river bank on the Port Meadow side, another stone (No 13) will be found, marked C.J.S.1837”.

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Below: The stone can be seen on the right of this photograph behind the telephone pole

Position of the stone

Stephanie Jenkins