Oxford boundary markers: Pullens Lane (1901)

Boundary stone at junction of Pullens and Cuckoo Lane, Headington



[City coat of arms showing
ox crossing ford]

C. G.   D R U C E
         M A Y O R

J.   D O R N E
             S H E R I F F


At the junction of Cuckoo Lane and Pullens Lane, Headington, marking the County Borough boundary

George Claridge Druce was Mayor of Oxford in 1900/1, and was also a famous botanist who helped to found the Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire in 1880, and his book The Flora of Oxfordshire was published in 1886.

This boundary stone in Barracks Lane bears the same date

Oxford ceased to be a County Borough (separate from the rest of the county) in 1974.


Not a listed structure


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Stephanie Jenkins, 2013