Oxford Milestones: Abingdon–Oxford–Banbury turnpike

Milestone at Foxcombe Hill
Milestone at
Foxcombe Road

(Oxford 2, Abingdon 4)

309 Abingdon Road
Milestone at 
309 Abingdon Road

(Oxford 1, Abingdon 5)

423 Abingdon Road
Milestone at
423 Banbury Road

(Oxford 3, Banbury 20)

Toll house, Banbury Road
Toll house at 566 Banbury Road

Toll House at Folly Bridge
Toll house at Folly Bridge

The Abingdon and Banbury Roads in Oxford are a section of the ancient Saxon road that ran between Southampton and Northampton via Winchester, Newbury, Abingdon, Oxford, and Banbury. There were five milestones and two toll-houses in the area of Oxford, as follows:

  • There is a milestone on Foxcombe Hill, part of the road to Faringdon, turnpiked in 1755/6. (After 1815 the Hinksey Hill Trust shared its tollgate with the Folly Bridge Trustees.)
  • A milestone survives at the south end of the Abingdon Road
  • One mile north of this comes Folly Bridge, where the toll-house still stands
  • There should have been another milestone one mile north of the bridge (at approximately 21 Banbury Road), but there is no evidence of its existence
  • The next milestone used to stand near the junction of the Marston Ferry Road and Banbury Road, but this was removed in 1970
  • The next milestone survives on the Banbury Road, just north of the roundabout
  • The next toll-house is a short distance to the north of that milestone
Stephanie Jenkins, 2013