Oxford Milestones: Oxford–Faringdon turnpike road

Milestone at Cumnor

This appears to be the only milestone that remains on the old turnpike road from Oxford to Faringdon






Faringdon Road (west side)


Grade II listed
List Entry No 1181844

Botley Road was turnpiked in 1767 as part of the improvements of the road from Oxford to Eynsham, and a turnpike gate was set up near Osney Bridge around this time.

Later in the eighteenth century, when a new coach road was built up Cumnor Hill, the Botley Road also became the first stage of the turnpike from Oxford to Faringdon.

The original tollhouse near Osney Bridge had to be demolished to make room for the railway, and a new tollhouse was built in 1850 on the corner of the Botley Road and Cripley Road. (This later became part of the the Old Gatehouse pub, and in December 2016 (below) is called “The One”.)

GatehouseThe low building on the right was the toll house for the Oxford to Faringdon Turnpike from 1850

The turnpike gate was moved to the west of Binsey Lane in 1868, and moved again to the foot of Cumnor Hill in 1877.

The Oxford to Faringdon Road was deturnpiked in 1880.

Stephanie Jenkins, 2013