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War Memorials in Oxford

War Memorial in St Giles
Oxford War Memorial, St Giles’

Marston Road war memorial
New Marston War Memorial, Marston Road

All Saints
Wall memorial in All Saints' Church, Headington

Quarry memoria;
Headington Quarry War Memorial, Holy Trinity

These were originally First World War memorials, but most have later inscriptions also remembering the dead of the Second World War. Those free-standing war memorials marked with an asterisk are Grade II listed structures

General city memorials

City War Memorial* in St Giles’ (no names)

Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry War Memorial* at Rose Hill (no names)

Oxford Crematorium World War II Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial plaque

Parish memorials in churches or churchyards

All Saints’ Church, Lime Walk, Headington (small free-standing war memorial in churchyard plus board with biographies inside)

Holy Trinity Church* in Headington Quarry (free-standing memorial in churchyard), plus stone plaque in porch with biographies)

St Paul's Church, Walton Street (list of names only)

St Barnabas's Church, Jericho (list of names only)

St Andrew’s Church, Old Headington (no war memorial, but triptych inside with biographies)

St Clement's Church* in Marston Road (free-standing memorial with no names) — names listed separately on a scroll inside

St Frideswide’s Church, Botley Road, West Oxford (no war memorial, but board inside, with biographies)

St Margaret’s Church* in Margaret Road, North Oxford (war memorial outside church, with biographies)

St Matthew's Church, Marlborough Road (board inside church, with biographies by the “66 men of Grandpont” project)

St Nicholas’s Church* in Old Marston (war memorial outside) plus plaque giving names inside, with biographies

St Peter's Church, Wolvercote (war memorial outside church naming the dead: list only)


District council memorials in suburbs that were outside the city prior to 1929

New Marston war memorial, Marston Road*
(with biographies here)

Summertown*: free-standing memorial outside the Church Hall in Portland Road (no names)

Memorials in Schools and Colleges

Oxford Boys’ High School, George Street (list of names only)

Jesus College, Oxford (very brief biographies)

St John’s College, Oxford (list of names only)

Online biographies produced by the colleges themselves:
   Balliol College
   Christ Church
   Corpus Christi College
   Exeter College (PDF)

   Keble College
   Merton College
   Pembroke College

Memorials in Oxford workplaces

Lion Brewery (brass plaque on outside wall, list of names only)

Oxford University Press* (free-standing memorial with names of dead, list only)

Oxford memorials to other wars

South African War Memorial (list of names only)
Originally sited at The Plain, Oxford; then at the Slade Barracks in Headington; and now at the Edward Brooks Barracks near Abingdon

Tirah Campaign*, Bonn Square, Oxford (list of names only)

Spanish Civil War, St Clement's

War memorials just outside Oxford

Sunningwell Church (plaque inside church, with biographies)

Wootton Church, formerly Berkshire (free-standing war memorial with names listed, with biographies)

Wheatley* (free-standing war memorial, list of names only)

Military hospitals in Oxford in the First World War

Botley sunset 2016

Oxford (Botley) Cemetery (left) is a war cemetery with about 740 war graves

Of these 156 are Commonwealth war graves from the First World War and 516 from the Second World War

In addition there are about 68 non-Commonwealth war graves, whose headstones have a distinctive shape

Chavasse paving stone


Unveiling ceremony outside St Peter's College, Oxford on 9 August 2016 of a paving stone celebrating the first of the two First World War Victoria Crosses awarded to Noel Chavasse

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