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Oxford War Memorials: St Paul's Church, Oxford (now in St Barnabas's Church)

St Paul's war memorial

The above war memorial to the 39 men of the parish of St Paul's Church in Walton Street who died in the First World War was removed from that church when it closed in 1969 and placed on the wall of St Barnabas's Church in Jericho. (Hence there are two war memorials in the latter church: its own memorial dedicated to the men of St Barnabas's parish can be see here.)

This memorial that came from St Paul's Church is on the Imperial War Museums website (32043)
and on War Memorials Online (92285)

At the top is the inscription TANTUS LABOR NON SIT CASSUS (“May so great a labour not have been in vain”), and below that is a figure of Christ on the Cross. Under the Cross are two white panels, and spread horizontally across them is the heading FOR GOD, KING & COUNTRY 1914–1918 and the names of the 39 men killed, followed by R.I.P. at the foot of each of the panels.

The dates of the Second World War were later added just above this, one on each side of the cross, but no names are listed.

Below are the names on the two panels, and here is a key to the abbreviations used:

CWGC = Entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website
City Honour Roll = Entry in the book of remembrance in the City Church of St Michael-at-the-Northgate
Jesus College = Also named on the Jesus College, Oxford war memorial panels
OBCS = Also listed on the Boys' Central School memorial board (with brief biography)
= Also listed on the Boys' High School memorial tablets in George Street
OJI = Oxford Journal Illustrated
OUP = Also listed on the free-standing Oxford University Press war memorial in Walton Street
Phil&Jim = Also listed on the SS Philip & James Church war memorial in Woodstock Road
St Barnabas = Also listed on the St Barnabas Church war memorial in the same church
St Margaret's Church = Also listed on the St Margaret Church war memorial in St Margaret's Road
St Sepulchre's Cemetery = Also named on grave in St Sepulchre's Cemetery, Walton Street
Walton Street Methodist Chapel = Also listed on the Walton Street Methodist Chapel war memorial
WM = War Memorial

Left side of St Paul memorial

Left panel (19 names)




Geo. J. BURGESS / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Ralph CHESHIRE / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Geo. G. CLARK / ?CWGC / ?City Honour Roll (both spelt CLARKE)

Wm. COLLIER / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Wm. H. T. COUSINS / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Chas. R. COWLEY / CWGC / City Honour Roll

T. G. H. CUDD / CWGC / City Honour Roll /
    St Sepulchre's Cemetery: BIOGRAPHY


Fred. J. EVANS / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Sidney J. GRIFFIN* / CWGC / City Honour Roll / OBHS
    Also on Walton Street Methodist Chapel WM: BIOGRAPHY
    Also on Jesus College WM: Shorter BIOGRAPHY
    Also on OBCS WM



Leslie HINE / CWGC / City Honour Roll
    Also on St Margaret WM: BIOGRAPHY

Wm. HOWKINS / CWGC / City Honour Roll / OUP /Phil&Jim
     St Sepulchre's Cemetery: BIOGRAPHY

Wm. HUNT / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Herbert L. JACKSON / Not listed by CWGC .
    OJI states that he was a Private in the Royal Engineers

Right panel (20 names)

Harold R. JOHNSON / CWGC / City Honour Roll / 
    St Sepulchre's Cemetery: BIOGRAPHY

Chas. E. LEWIS / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Alf. C. LONG / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Philip MARTIN / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Reuben NICHOLS / CWGC / City Honour Roll /
    Also on Walton Street Methodist Chapel WM: BIOGRAPHY

Ernest F. PANTING / Not eligible for CWGC / OUP

Reg. W. PARSONS / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Bertie C. RAWLINS / CWGC  / City Honour Roll / St Barnabas
    St Sepulchre's Cemetery: BIOGRAPHY


Ernest W. SOANES / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Arthur TAYLOR / CWGC entry not identified

Stanley TRUBY / CWGC 

Geo. A. TURTLE / CWGC / City Honour Roll /
      Also on Walton Street Methodist Chapel WMBIOGRAPHY

Herbert A. WEST / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Clarence J. WHARTON / CWGC 


Chas. A. WHEELER / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Bernard WHITE / CWGC / City Honour Roll / OUP

Alex G. A. WIBLIN / CWGC / City Honour Roll

Wm. WILLOUGHBY / CWGC / City Honour Roll

St Paul memorial right

© Stephanie Jenkins

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