Postscript: Second World War

No biographies: the names below are simply linked (where possible) to further details on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. They are listed on a tablet inside the church, on the west end of the south wall of the chancel, adjacent to the chancel arch

Campbell-Thompson grave
Reginald Perronet Campbell Thompson’s grave
in Sunningwell churchyard

Hoborough grave
Leslie Hoborough’s grave in Wootton churchyard

This tablet and the church clock were erected in grateful memory of the men from this parish who
gave their lives in the World War 1939–1945

Reginald [Perronet] Campbell Thompson
Flight Lieutenant, RAF Volunteer Reserve (74343)
Parents lived at Trackways, Boars Hill

Rex [= Reginald] Campbell Thompson
Father of the above: see grave, left, and his Wikipedia biography. Died while serving in Home Guard river patrol on the Thames, and not listed on Commonwealth War Graves Commission site

Charles Duncan
Not possible to make a positive identification
without more information

Jack [George] Enticott
Flight Lieutenant, RAF Volunteer Reserve (129748)
Parents lived at 54 Besselsleigh Road

[William George] Arthur Gibson
Sub-Lieutenant (A), RN Volunteer Reserve (H.M.S. Indefatigable). Parents lived at Kenya House, Boars Hill. War memorial at King’s School, Peterborough shows that he had third initial “A”; he was presumably known as Arthur to distinguish him from his father.
He appears to be the Bill Gibson who died as a result of a Kamikaze attack on HMS Indefatigable

Colin [S.] Gooden
Pupil pilot, South African Air Force (1626)
Parents ran The Bystander Inn, 2 Besselsleigh Road

Leslie [Robert] Hoborough
Coporal, RAF Volunteer Reserve (1181674)
Parents lived at Boars Hill. See grave, left

Alexander [Bertram Mackay] Long
Lieutenant, Coldstream Guards (307914)
Parents lived at Hollycote, Boars Hill

John Weeden Robertson
Lieutenant, Royal Ulster Rifles (293506)
Parents lived at Willow Cottage, Wootton

[Robert] Nicholas Waterhouse
Lieutenant, Royal Artillery (106186)
Parents lived at Sherwood, Boars Hill

Ronald [Thomas] Winterbourne
Private, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment (5388038)
Born on 25 April 1919 (son of Thomas Winterbourne & Millicent Louisa Wiblin); baptised aged 20 at Wootton Church on 9 December 1939

“May they rest in peace”