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60/61 to 72: Magdalen College houses

61 to 72

62-64 in Edwardian times


Magdalen Gate House facing Rose Lane (No. 61, but formerly numbered 60) and the adjoining terrace of eleven houses (Nos. 62–72) belong to Magdalen College. These houses were rebuilt some time after the widening of Magdalen Bridge that took place in 1772–8.

All twelve houses are Grade II listed, and were in St Peter-in-the East parish until that parish was united with St Cross parish in 1957.

Photograph by William Henry Fox Talbot in c.1845
showing the five houses west of Magdalen Gate House


The upstairs part of Nos. 64–70 was converted to accommodation for Stanford University in 1982 (planning permission 82/00153/L), and they also have the ground floor of Nos. 65 & 66.



These twelve houses are dealt with in detail
on the separate pages that follow




Right: Nos. 62, 63, & 64 High Street, with part of No. 65 to the west, in Edwardian times.

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