14 Holywell Street

14 Holywell Street

Grade II Listed Building (1369395) owned by Merton College. The house dates from the seventeenth century, but was remodelled in the eighteenth century. Originally it only had two floors.

Charles Symonds who had his main livery stables at 30 Holywell Street also appears to have owned this house, which was occupied by another stable keeper, Charles Davis, in the 1840s and 1850s. An auction advertised in Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 24 January 1857 described this house as follows:

Lot 2. — A 10-Roomed DWELLING HOUSE, with detached Stabling for 16 horses, Coach-houses, Harness Room, Offices, &c., in the occupation of Mr. Charles Symonds, being No. 14, Holywell-street, held by lease under Merton College, Oxford, for a term of 40 years, from April 5, 1848. Quit Rent 6s. 8d. and two pecks of malt; Land Tax, £1 7s. 6d.; present rental, £60.

Miss Susannah Hutt appears to have bought it, as she was running a small school here by the time of the 1861 census.

The opening to the left led to the six houses in Park Passage behind Nos. 15 and 16, and the rooms above this passage were numbered 14A (or 14½).

14 Holywell Street in the censuses


The 1841 census for Holywell does not give house numbers, but it is possible to deduce where people listed that year lived by examining directory entries between 1839 and 1842 and later censuses

No. 14
Charles Davis
(20), a stable keeper, lived here with Esther (30) and Frances (9), and Frances Hall (35). They had one female servant.

No. 14A
Richard Preston, a tailor, lived here with Elizabeth (40) and Richard (13).


No. 14
Charles Davis (46), a stable keeper employing 3 men, still lived here with his wife Esther (43). They had two lodgers: a private tutor and an undergraduate.

No. 14A
George Durham
(36), a coachman, lived here with his wife Sophia (35) and their children William (8) and Henry (5).


No. 14
Susannah Hutt
(34), a schoolmistress, lived here with two of her pupils (aged 7 and 5), a clergyman boarder, and one servant.

No. 14A
Betsey Hands (77) lived here with her granddaughter Eleanor Kirby (15), who was an apprentice dressmaker.


No. 14
Susannah Hutt
(45), a schoolmistress, still lived here. She had a seven-year-old boarder and one servant.

No. 14A
Richard W. Drury (63), a widower who was a tailor, lived here with his son George (23): both were tailors.


No 14
Susannah Hutt
(57), a governess, lived here with one domestic servant.

No. 14½
Richard W. Drury
(72) sill lived here with his son George, and both were still tailors.


No 14
Kate Solloway
 (63), a widowed lodging house keeper, lived here alone.

No. 14a
Isaac Richards
 (75) lived here with his wife Charlotte (74), who was a tailoress.


No 14
Susan Baker
(50), a widowed confectioner, lived here with her children Herbert (21), who was a butcher; Tom (19), who was an assistant school teacher; Mary (17), who was a baker’s shop assistant; Arthur (15), Frank (14), Kate (12), and Lucy (8). Her widowed sister Eliza Hartwell (56), who had her own means, also lived in the household.

No. 14½
Arthur Miller
(37), a photographer, lived here with his wife Agnes (33).


No 14
Ernest Attwood
(37), an ironmonger, lived here with his wife Margaret (35) and their daughter Kathleen (3). They had one servant.


Occupants of 14 Holywell Street listed in directories etc.

  Yard behind

Upstairs rooms to the west
(14A or 14½)

No. 14

Survey of Oxford

Not applicable

Frontage: 4 yds 0 ft 0 in
Mrs Bloxham

Frontage: 4 yds 2 ft 3 in
Mr Loyd


Livery Stables
of Charles Davis

Richard Preston, tailor

George Durham, Coachman

? (JOJ of 18 Nov 1854 names Mrs Walker)


Livery Stables of
Charles Symonds


Betsey Hands

Miss Susannah Hutt


Samuel Field named in 1867 directory probably lived here



Richard W. Drury


Probably yard of Thomas Fenemore, the ironmonger at 14A and 15

Thomas Fenemore,

George Walker


Frederick Baker (to 1899)

Mrs Susan Baker (by 1901)


Arthur Miller


Godsell & Co.
Horse dealers

Gustav Mann, M.D. Edin, B.Sc. Oxon
University Demonstrator of Physiology


E. W. Attwood (also at 14A & 15)
E. W. Attwood, ironmonger & gas & hot water fitter)


No listing


Mrs Heaton


Leonard George Gray


Clark Cunningham, B.Litt.


Rodney Needham, Ph.D.
Fellow in Anthropology, Merton College


Philip J. Waller
Fellow & Tutor in History, Merton College


Jack Beatson
Fellow & Tutor in Law, Merton College; later High Court Judge


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