63–64 Holywell Street

63-64 Holywell Street

Grade II Listed Building: List Entry Number 1104929. This pair of houses dates from c.1800. Owned by New College

From 1861 to the late 1870s, No. 63 was home of Catherine Lloyd (daughter of Charles Lloyd, Bishop of Oxford): more information on her on the page about her family grave in St Sepulchre's Cemetery. While she was living here she was near the start of the destruction of the houses by New College from No. 70 eastwards. She then moved to No. 96, and saw the further destruction of more housest right up to the house next door to her at No. 95. She was appalled at what was being done: see “Outrage in Holywell Street”.

On 5 May 1877 the following notice appeared in Jackson’s Oxford Journal, advertising the forthcoming auction of this pair of houses:

Messrs J. R. MALLAM and Son have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, — The valuable LEASEHOLD HOUSES, being Nos. 63 and 64 Holywell-street, Oxford; each containing kitchen, scullery, &c. , in the basement; two sitting rooms on the ground floor, sitting room and bed room on the first floor, two bed rooms and attic above, with small gardens, &c., behind. The Property is held under Merton College, Oxford, for the unexpired Lease of 13 years.


63–64 Holywell Street in the censuses


The 1841 census for Holywell does not give house numbers, but it is possible to deduce where people listed that year lived by examining directory entries between 1839 and 1842 and later censuses

No. 63
Ann Coker
(30), a milliner, lived here with Elizabeth Ealey (20), Sarah Thompson (20), and one female servant.

No. 64
George Hanks (25), a college servant, lived here with Elizabeth Hanks (40), independent, two people who appear to be lodgers, and one female servant.


No. 63
Ann Coker
(48), a milliner, still lived here, with her assistant Elizabeth Oxley (34), two student lodgers, and a servant.

No. 64
George Hanks (35), a college servant, still lived here with his sister Elizabeth (52) and his aunt Eleanor Cooper, both of whom were annuitants. All three were unmarried. They had an undergraduate lodger.


No. 63
Catherine Lloyd (30), an unmarried fundholder, lived here with two female servants.

No. 64
George J. Hanks
(48), a college servant, still lived here, and now had one house servant of his own.


No. 63
Catherine Lloyd
(46) still lived here, now with her sister Marianne Wodehouse (45). They had two servants (a cook and a housemaid).

No. 64
rge Hanks (58), an unmarried college servant, still lived here alone with his servant.


No. 63
Elizabeth Barnett
(47), a married lodging house keeper, lived here with her daughter Adelaide (2).

No. 64
Clara Miller
(45), a widowed lodging house keeper, lived here with her daughters Ruth (21) and Rose (19), who were both artists, her sons Albert (17) and Arthur (15), who were photographer’s apprentices, and her younger children Percy (11) and Lydia (6), who were at school.
A second household is listed at No. 64: Thomas White (51), a games trainer, and his wife Mary (48).


No. 63
Thomas Price Stone
 (37), a college servant, lived here with his wife Ella (35) and their children Ethel (12), Annie (11), and Neale (4). They had one servant.

No. 64
Elizabeth Beesley
 (38), the wife of the head of the household, lived here with her daughter Edith (17), who was a stationer's assistant, and her niece Constance Hunt (6). They had one servant.


No. 63
James Bennett
(41), a college butler, lived here with his wife Lizzie (38), who was a lodging house keeper, and their children Florence (15), Bessie (12), Annie (11), George (7), and Lizzie (6). They had a student lodger aged 35, and one general servant.

No. 64
Kate Styles
(35), a widowed lodging house keeper, lived here with her children Alice (15), Laura (12), and Cyril (8).


No. 63
Mrs Amy Eleanor Willcox (43), a widowed university lodging-house keeper, lived here with her son Claude (15), who was a junior municipal clerk, and her unmarried sister Alice Wyatt  (39).

No. 64
Joseph Freeman (69), a widowed lodging house keeper, lived here with his niece Bessie Freeman (25), who assisted in the lodging house.

Occupants of 63–64 Holywell Street listed in directories etc.

  No. 64 (left) No. 63 (right)

Survey of Oxford

Frontage: 4 yds 0 ft 0 in
Mr Trinder

Frontage: 4 yds 1 ft 1 in
Mr Kensel


George James Hanks
College servant

Ann Coker


Miss Catherine Lloyd


Mrs Clara Miller
Lodging house Keeper

Mrs Elizabeth Barnett
Lodging house Keeper


G. K. Beesley

Thomas Price Stone


Mrs Kate Styles
University lodgings


James Bennett
College butler


Alan Adamson

Mrs Amy Eleanor Willcox
University lodgings

Mrs Wilcox (1947)

Claude W. L. Willcox (by 1952)


Joseph Freeman
(Miss Freeman by 1921)
University lodgings


Harry Alfred Allnutt
University lodgings


William Henry Peters


William Henry Hathaway



John J. Butler


No listing


No listing

No listing


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