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Henry de Lynne (fl. 1318)

Mayor of Oxford 1318/19

Henry de Lynne (or de Lenne) was an Oxford merchant mentioned as follows in the records of the City of London:

Acquiet “pro Henrico de Lenne de Oxon”

A general release granted by Anabel, wife of Geoffrey de Beek, to Henry de Lenne, burgess and merchant of Oxford. Witnesses, William Walrand and William de “Forneys” of London, John de Grantham, servant, William de “Fournays”, William de Bristoll, Roger de Arderne, Richard le Spicer de Westminster, Adam le Taverner, and Edmund le Barbier, of the parish of St Mary in the suburb of London, and others [not named] Dated Westminster, Sunday the Feast of St. Valentine [14 Feb.], 4 Edward II. [A.D. 1310–11].

Acknowledged in the Husting before Richard de Refham, the Mayor, in the presence of Master Edmund de London, by the above Anabel on the following Monday.

And be it remembered that the said Anabel acknowledged in the said Husting that the above Henry de Lenne had never made any recognizance to her whatsoever, but that another person called Henry de Lenne, a merchant of Oxford, had made a recognizance in £22 by form of the new statute, and she had pledged the document with Antony de Polozasco of “Geneve” for 16 marks.

He may have been related to the John de Lenne who was a juror at an Oxford Inquisition in 1305. He was elected Senior Bailiff in 1310 and again in 1312.

He was elected Mayor of Oxford for the year 1318/19.

† Henry de Lynne died after 1319.

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