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Sir Richard Spraget (fl. 1450)

Mayor of Oxford 1447/8, 1448/9, 1451/2, 1452/3, 1461/2, 1462/3, 1464/5, 1471/2, and 1473/4

Richard Spraget (or Spragat or Spragot) appears to have been a tailor, as Anthony Wood says that he was one of five men enfeoffed by property to found a chantry of the guild of tailors in St Martin’s Church.

Spraget was elected Junior Bailiff on the council in 1440. He was chosen as one of the four Aldermen in 1444, 1450, 1454, 1459, 1463, 1465, 1468, and 1469.

Richard Spraget was elected as Mayor of Oxford for 1447/8, 1448/9, 1451/2, and 1452/3.

In 1460 he was also elected Oxford’s Member of Parliament.

Spraget attended the coronation of Edward IV on 28 June 1461 with the Mayor John Clark, who performed the traditional role of butler at the Coronation Feast in Westminster Hall. Spraget was knighted around this time.

Sir Richard Spraget was elected Mayor again for 1462/3, 1464/5, 1471/2, and 1473/4, making nine terms in all.

† Sir Richard Spraget died after 1474.

He left three cottages “in parvo Ballivo” (42–45 St Ebbe’s Street) and a house in Grandpont in the parish of St Michael-outside-Southgate (19 St Aldate’s Street) to his son and heir, Robert Spraget.

See also:

  • H. E. Salter, Munimenta Civitatis Oxonie, pp. 224–5 (letter from Spraget to the Mayor of Bristol)
  • Biography not yet available on the History of Parliament website

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