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Lord Mayor’s Parade 2009 (Mary Clarkson)

Susanna Pressel
Outgoing Lord Mayor Susanna Pressel speaking at Oxford Castle

Mary Clarkson
Incoming Lord Mayor Mary Clarkson delivers her address

Start of Parade
The Parade starts. Following the mace-bearer are incoming Lord Mayor Mary Clarkson
and outgoing Lord Mayor Susanna Pressel; and behind them is new Sheriff
of Oxford Elise Benjamin and the new Deputy Lord Mayor John Goddard

Parade passes New Road Baptist Church
Approaching Bonn Square. Behind the deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff
are former Lord Mayors Gill Sanders and Bob Price

Ehrengarde at Bonn Square
The Ehrengarde (Bonn Guard of Honour) perform at Bonn Square

Queen Street
The procession proceeds along Queen Street

Ehrengarde enter the gate
The Ehrengarde enter the Botanic Garden via the Danby Gate

Botanic Garden
The Parade passes the irises in the Botanic Garden

New Mayor holds ceremony in public
Oxford Mail, 25 May 2009

More pictures of Lord Mayor’s Parade 2009 on Flickr

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