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No. 64: Magdalen College house/Stanford University

64 High Street

This is the third in the terrace of eleven houses and shops belonging to Magdalen College that is attached to the back of Magdalen Gate house. This terrace was rebuilt subsequent to the widening of Magdalen Bridge that took place in 1772–8.

It is Grade II listed (list entry 1369364). It was in St Peter-in-the East parish until that parish was united with St Cross parish in 1957.

The Survey of Oxford was taken in 1772 before this house was rebuilt, and according to Salter the two houses that were approximately on this site were then occupied by a Mrs Eastland and a Mr Smith, and had respective frontages of 4 yds 0ft 8 in and 4 yds 2ft 4in.

At the time of the 1841 census the surgeon William Tuckwell lived here with his wife Margaret and their children Anne (9), Harriette (7), Henry (6), Margaret (5), Ellen (4), David (3), Lewis (2), and Edward (eleven months), plus a governess and six servants.

In 1851 No. 64 was occupied by Thomas Henry Whorwood, who was a Fellow of Magdalen College, Vicar of Willoughby, and Curate of Marston. He was the former Lord of the Manor of Headington, “the last and landless descendant of an ancient line”. He lived with his 70-year-old mother and four servants. The Revd William Tuckwell describes in his Reminiscences of Oxford how the old lady’s ancestral hatchment was suspended outside this house when she died.

In 1861 it was occupied by the Revd George Henry Sacheverell Johnson (53), who was the Dean of Wells, and his wife Lucy (34) and their baby son (born in this house three days earlier on 5 April), plus their six servants (two cooks and a butler, nurse, lady's maid, and housemaid).

By the following year Professor Max Müller was living here, and on 21 February 1862 his daughter was born in this house.

By 1868 the organist John Stainer lived here. He can be seen here in the 1871 census with his family. A daughter was born in this house on 13 October 1868, and a son on 7 June 1871.

In 1881 Henry Matthews Tuckwell, a doctor, was here with his wife and nephew, plus a cook and three housemaids; he was still here in 1891 (having retired because of failing sight), and again in 1901. In 1911 his widow M. Grace M. Tuckwell (71) lived here with an 86-year-old friend and three servants.

Bernard Ashmole, the archaeologist and art historian, lived here from 1923 to 1925.

This house appears to have been student lodgings from 1945.

Garden of No. 64No. 64 from the back garden

People who have occupied 64 High Street


William Tuckwell


Revd T. H. Whorwood, DD
Fellow of Magdalen


George G. S. Johnson
Dean of Wells and Vicar of St Cuthbert's, Wells


Professor Max Müller


John Stainer, D.Mus.


Henry M. Tuckwell, MD (to 1891)
Henry Matthews Tuckwell, MA, MD (1892–1905)
Mrs Tuckwell from 1907


Henry Matthews Tuckwell, MA, MD
(Mrs Tuckwell from 1907)


Bernard Ashmole, MA


Mrs Welch


No listing in directories: Probably Magdalen College lodgings


Magdalen College lodgings


Flat for visiting academics from Stanford University

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