St Giles’ Street is split between the two parish churches that mark its length (St Giles to the north and St Mary Magdalen to the south). St Mary Magdalen was in the Oxford Union; but St Giles parish was in the Headington Union.

Parish West side East side
St Giles No. 31
(now Taylor’s Delicatessen)
No. 30
(now Wenn Townend Accountants)
southwards to
No. 57
(now the middle of Pusey Chapel)
St John’s College
(Cook’s Building)
St Mary
No. 58
(now the middle of Pusey Chapel)  
St John’s College
(main quadrangle)
southwards to

Taylorian Building

No. 1
(now Oxford Internet Institute)

Note: St Giles’s Road West and St Giles’ Road East are the former names given respectively to the Banbury and Woodstock Road. This site only deals with St Giles’ Street, which ends at the parting of the ways beside St Giles Church.

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