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If you want to see the history of a specific building in St Giles’, select the “Tour the street” link and click on the building you want. The list below covers more general topics.

Directory listings for St Giles’ Street

“He who enters the city, as Mr Green did, from the Woodstock Road, and rolls down the shady avenue of St Giles’, between St John’s College and the Taylor Buildings, and pass the graceful Martyrs’ Memorial, will receive impressions such as probably no other city in the world could convey.”
     Cuthbert Bede, The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green (1852)

“The South End of this … Street is called Fish-Street, and the other End of it the Corn-Market, from whence we pass into St. Giles's, which form a very spacious Street, and in some respects is preferable to either of the former, especially to such as love Retirement; thaving the Pleasure and Advantage of the Country, tho' connected with the Town. One End of the Street is handsomely terminated by St. Giles's Church, and adorned with the Front of St John's College
     A New Pocket Companion for Oxford (1781)

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