Oxford Inscriptions: St Edmund of Abingdon

St Peter-in-the-East

This plaque with an inscription to Edmund Rich (St Edmund of Abingdon) is fixed to the outside wall of the former Church of St Peter-in-the-East in Queen’s Lane. It reads as follows:

St Edmund of Abingdon

The first Master and Theologian of the University to become Archbishop of Canterbury taught in and around this Church of St Peter-in-the-East during the years 1195–1201 and 1214–1222.

This statue by Rodney Munday was presented by the St Edmund Hall Association in 2007 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Royal Charter being granted to the College.


The statue to which the inscription refers is shown below.


Edmund Rich

Statue of St Edmund



The statue

The church is now the library of St Edmund Hall, but the statue of St Edmund can be seen from Queen's Lane without entering the college. The photograph on the right was taken through the bars of the locked gate.


Rodney Munday, “Sculpting St Edmund
(Quad, 27 March 2019)


Stephanie Jenkins, 2013