List of Bishops of Oxford from 1542 to the present

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1542–1558: Robert King*
(formerly Suffragan Bishop of Lincoln, died 1558)

1558: Thomas Goldwell*
(formerly Bishop of St Asaph)
Nominated as Bishop of Oxford, but the death of Queen Mary on 17 November 1558 prevented his institution

1558–1567: See was vacant for nine years

1567–1568: Hugh Coren or Curwen*
(formerly Archbishop of Dublin, died 1568)

1568–1589: See was vacant for 21 years

1589–1592: John Underhill*
(formerly Rector of Lincoln College, died 1592)

1592–1604: See was vacant for eleven years

1604–1619: John Bridges*
(formerly Dean of Salisbury, died 1619)

1619–1628: John Howson*
(formerly Student of Christ Church; translated to Bishopric of Durham in 1628)

1628–1632: Richard Corbet*
(formerly Dean of Christ Church; translated to Bishopric of Norwich in 1632)

1632–1641: John Bancroft*
(formerly Master of University College)

1641–1663 (but deprived during Commonwealth, 1649–1606): Robert Skinner*
(formerly Bishop of Bristol; translated to Bishopric of Worcester in 1663)

1663–1665: Walter Paul*
(formerly Dean of Lichfield, died 1665)

1665–1671: Nathaniel, Lord Crewe*
(formerly Rector of Lincoln and Dean of Chichester; translated to Bishopric of Durham in 1671)

1674–1676: Henry Compton*
(formerly Canon of Christ Church, translated to Bishopric of London in 1676)

1676–1686: John Fell*
(formerly Dean of Christ Church, and continued to hold the bishopric and the deanery in commendam; died 1686)

1686–1688: Samuel Parker*
(formerly Archdeacon of Canterbury; died 1688)

1688–1690: Timothy Hall*
(formerly Vicar of All Hallows, Staining)
Denied installation by the chapter of Christ Church

1690–1699: John Hough*
(formerly President of Magdalen College and continued to hold the Magdalen presidency in commendam; translated to Bishopric of Lichfield & Coventry in 1699)

1699–1715: William Talbot* (formerly Dean of Worcester, and continued to hold this deanery in commendam; translated to Bishopric of Salisbury in 1715, and Durham in 1715)

1715–1737: John Potter*
(formerly Regius Professor of Divinity; promoted to Archbishop of Canterbury in 1737)

1737–1758: Thomas Secker*
(formerly Bishop of Bristol; continued to hold both his prebend at Durham and the rectory of St James’s in commendam until 1750; promoted to Archbishop of Canterbury in 1758)

1758–1766: John Hume
(formerly Bishop of Bristol)

1766–1777: Robert Louth or Lowth*
(formerly Bishop of St David’s; translated to Bishopric of London in 1777)

1777–1788: John Butler*
(formerly Prebendary of Winchester, and continued to hold this prebend in commendam; translated to the Bishopric of Hereford in 1777)

1788–1799: Edward Smallwell
(formerly Bishop of St David’s)

1799–1807: John Randolph*
(formerly Regius Professor of Divinity; translated to Bishopric of Bangor in 1807, and London in 1809)

1807–1811: Charles Moss*
(formerly Chaplain to the House of Commons; died December 1811)

1812–1815: William Jackson*
(formerly Regius Professor of Greek; died December 1815)

1816–1827: Hon. Edward Legge
(formerly Dean of Windsor). Memorial in All Souls College Chapel

1827–1829: Charles Lloyd*
(formerly Regius Professor of Divinity; died 1829)

1829–1845: Richard Bagot*
(formerly Dean of Canterbury; translated to the bishopric of Bath & Wells in 1845)

1845–1869: Samuel Wilberforce*
(formerly Dean of Westminster; translated to the bishopric of Winchester in 1869, died 1873)

1870–1888: John Fielder Mackarness*
(formerly Prebendary of Exeter; retired in 1888, died 1889)

1888–1901: William Stubbs*
(formerly Bishop of Chester; died 1901)

1901–1911: Francis Paget*
(formerly Dean of Christ Church; died 1911)

1911–1919: Charles Gore*
(formerly Bishop of Birmingham; retired 1919, died 1932)

1919–1925: Hubert Murray Burge*
(formerly Bishop of Southwark; died 1925)

1925–1937: Thomas Banks Strong*
(formerly Bishop of Ripon; retired 1937, died 1944)

1937–1954: Kenneth Escott Kirk
(formerly Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology; died 1954)

1955–1971: Harry James Carpenter
(formerly Warden of Keble; retired 1970, died 1993)

1971–1978: Kenneth John Woollcombe
(formerly Principal of Edinburgh Theological College; retired 1978, died 2008)

1978–1987: Patrick Campbell Rodger
(formerly Bishop of Manchester; retired 1998, died 2002)

1987–2006: Richard Douglas Harries
(formerly Dean of King’s College, London; retired 2006)

2007–2014: John Pritchard
(formerly Suffragan Bishop of Jarrow, Archdeacon of Canterbury, and Warden of Cranmer Hall in Durham)

2016–present:Steven John Lindsey Croft

Bishop Kirk's graveAbove: the modest grave of Bishop Kirk in Osney Cemetery

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