37 Holywell Street

37 Holywell Street

Grade II Listed Building: List Entry Number 1335895. This house dates from the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. Owned by Wadham College.

35, 36, 37, and 38 Holywell Street now comprise Staircases XIII and XIV of Wadham College to the north.

The following advertisement appeared in Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 28 August 1847:

TO be LET, — A HOUSE and BAKE HOUSE, with Garden, &c., situate in Holywell-street, Oxford. — Apply personally at No. 37 Holywell Street.

It appears to have been taken by Moses Brooks, who had been based at No. 31 from at least 1839 to 1846. He was a farmer of 500 acres (presumably the farmland which lay between Holywell Street and the present South Parks Road) and employed twelve men in 1851.

37 Holywell Street in the censuses


The 1841 census for Holywell does not give house numbers, but it is possible to deduce where people listed that year lived by examining directory entries between 1839 and 1842 and later censuses

George Bennett (40), a builder, lived here with Esther (40), an apprentice, various lodgers, and one female servant.


Moses Brooks (52), a farmer of 500 acres employing twelve men, lived here with his wife Ann (48), who was a gentlemen’s lodging house keeper, and their children Anne (25), Miriam (16), Louisa (14), Martha (9), Francis (11), William (7), and George (5). Lodging with them were a clergyman and his wife.


Thomas Lucas (36), a lodging house keeper, lived here with his wife Mary Ann (34) and children Thomas (6), Ellen (2), and William (six months). There was just one lodger, probably as the census was taken out of term time. They had a cook and general servant.


George Charles Henry Hitchings (49), a surgeon, lived here with his wife Louisa (47) and his children Edward (23), Catherine (21), Elizabeth (17), Louisa (10), Robert (7), Rosa (22), and Ada (11). They had three domestic servants.


George Charles Henry Hitchings (59), a surgeon, still lived here with his wife Louisa (55) and his children Katherine (31), Elizabeth (28), Ada (21), Louisa (20), and Robert (17). They had three servants (a cook, housemaid, and footman).


George Charles Henry Hitchings (69), described as M.R.C.S.E., still lived here with his wife Louisa (69) and their children Katherine (41), Elizabeth (37), Ethel (31), and Louisa (30). They had one male and two female servants.


Robert Hitchings (37), a medical practitioner and the son of the previous occupant, lived here with his wife Millie (30) and his daughter Evelyn (7). They had three servants (a governess, cook, and housemaid).


Frances Henry Dickson (31), a General Medical Practitioner, lived here with his wife Margaret (33) and his daughter Margaret Jean (2). They had two servants (a cook and a nurse).

Occupants of 37 Holywell Street listed in directories etc.

Survey of Oxford

Frontage: 8 yds 0 ft 2 in
Mrs Hayward


George Bennett, Builder
[but Jackson's Oxford Journal of 18 October 1841says that Bennett
was succeeded by Mrs Hope, who had removed from St John Street]


Moses Brooks
Farmer (previously at No. 31, later at No. 65)


Thomas Lucas
Lodging house keeper


George Charles Henry Hitchings, Surgeon to his death in 1897

Robert Hitchings, Surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator from 1897
(In 1908 Hitchings moved up to Headington but kept his practice here, and it is still listed under his name, but it was his partner, Francis Henry Dickson, Physician & surgeon, who lived here.)


Eric Graham Saunders, M.B., B.S.
Physician & Surgeon


No listing


Wadham College Bursary

(with Percival’s Coaches in 1976: but see 39A)


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