Oxford Mileways Act 1771: Commissioners

The Mileways Act of 1771 starts with an enormous list of “Commissioners for putting the Act into Execution”. This is reproduced below, with the names listed in tabular format for convenience, but left in the order in which they were listed, which is not always strictly alphabetical.

Magistrates and Officers, for the Time being, of the University of Oxford, and of the Colleges and Halls therein, to wit, The Vicechancellor, his Assessor, or Deputy in the University Court, all Heads or Governors of Colleges and Halls, the Canons of the Cathedral Church of Christ, the several Royal Professors, and all other University Professors and Prelectors, the Proctors of the University, the Publick Orator, the Bodleian and Radclivian Librarians, the Keepers of the University Archieves [sic], Masters Masters of the Streets, the Register of the University, and the Vice-principals of the several Halls;

and also the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, Assistants, Bailiffs, Townclerk, and Solicitor of the City of Oxford for the Time being, and such other of the Citizens of Oxford as have now, or hereafter shall have served the Office of Bailiff of the said City;

together with:


The Right Honourable
Charles Spencer,
commonly called
Lord Charles Spencer

The Right Honourable
Robert Spencer,
commonly called
Lord Robert Spencer

The Right Honourable
the Lord Viscount Wenman,
in the Kingdom of Ireland

The Right Honourable
George Simon Harcourt,
commonly called
Lord Viscount Nuneham

The Honourable
William Harcourt

The Honourable
George Lane Parker

The Honourable
Robert Lee

The Honourable
Peregrine Bertie

The Honourable
Richard Wenman

The Honourable
Thomas Wenman

The Honourable
John Tracy

Sir Roger Newdigate

Sir James Dashwood

Sir Charles Cotterell Dormer

Sir Banks Jenkinson

Sir William Stonehouse

Sir John Peshal

Sir Francis Knollys

Sir Gregory Turner

Sir Thomas Stapleton



Sir William Henry Ashurst

Sir William Blackstone

Sir George Nares

Sir Thomas Munday



Francis Page


Doctors in Divinity

Phanuel Bacon

Henry Barton

Edward Bentham

Thomas Bray

Richard Browne

Benjamin Buckler

Daniel Burton

Ralph Cawley

John Chalmers

Thomas Chapman

John Clark

Richard Cust

William Dennison

George Dixon

David Durell

Edward Edwards

Thomas Fry

Thomas Fothergill

William Gower

George Huddesford

George Horne

Richard Hutchison

Thomas Hunt

Benjamin Hallifax

Joseph Hoare

John Chesher Heyborne

John Jefferys

Benjamin Kennicott

Theophilus Leigh

John Long

John Moore

Tredway Nash

Thomas Nowell

Henry Parker

Gilbert Parker

Charles Pilkington

Francis Randolph

Thomas Randolph

John Ratcliffe

Christopher Robinson

John Sandford

William Sharpe

Thomas Sharpe

John Tottie

Ashton Thorpe

Francis Webber

Thomas West

Nathan Wetherell

Thomas Winchester

George Windham

Benjamin Wheeler,



Doctors of Law

Thomas Bever

Richard Brown

William Seward

Samuel Forster

Joseph Smith

James Stonehouse


Doctors of Physick

Swithin Adee

John Foulkes

John Kelly

William Lewis

Humphrey Sibthorpe

Walter Ruding

John Smith

William Vivian



Henry Ashurst

John Aubrey

Richard Aubrey

Charles Barrow

Thomas Blackall

John Caillaud

Robert Chambers

Edward Dandridge

William Draper

John Folliot

James Hargreaves

John Hacker

Richard Head

Benjamin Holloway

Charles Jenkinson

William Ledwell

John Morton

John Nourse

Lewis Pryse

Alexander Popham

John Parker

Giles Rooke

George Augustus Schutz

Hardinge Stracey

John Treacher

James Turner

Robert Vansittart

Thomas Walker

Francis Wastie

Thomas Whorwood

George White

William Wykeham

Richard Woddeson

John Fane

Joseph Bullock

Charles Bowles

Oldfield Bowles

Stuckley Bayntun

James Lamb

Thomas Paynton

…. Sayer

Gascoigne Frederick

William Lenthall

John Lenthall

Robert Fettyplace

Thomas Rollinson

Lock Rollinson

Farmedow Pennystone

Richard Lowndes

John Skynner

William Skynner

James Jones

William Lowndes Stone

William Lowndes

Francis Fane

Henry Mason

Philip Powis

Philip Lybbe Powis



John Alleyne

Henry Blackstone

Richard Bowles

Thomas Cooke

John Cooke

Samuel Cooke

Clayton Cracherode

John Cox

John Chaundler

John Davey

Richard Davis

Thomas Griffith

Thomas Hawkins

Benjamin Holloway

Thomas Hornsby

Lionel Kirkham

John Lowry

Charles Mortimer

John Napleton

Richard Nicoll

Ralph Nicholson

John Noel

Stephen Pemberton

Francis Rowden

Edward Smallwell

Thomas Treacher

Phipps Weston

Edward Whitmore

Thomas Warton

William Wright

Robert Watkin

Thomas Gregory

James Reading

Paulo Tookie

Martin Stapleton

Christopher Marshall



William Applebee

John Austin

James Burrows

Thomas Burrows

James Clarke

Charles Collins

John Curtis

Samuel Culley

John Dewe

Henry Drought

William Drought

James Etty

Richard Finch

James Fletcher

William Fletcher

Joseph Fortnom

Samuel Fox

John Fowle

Samuel Glass

John Grosvenor

Giles Hall

Nicholas Halse

Richard Holloway

John Holman

John Horsman

William Huddesford

William Jackson

Ralph Kirby

Samuel Kilner

Robert Langford

Isaac Lawrence

Edward Lock

John Leasingby

Samuel Malbon

Richard Madge

Richard Martin

James Matthews

Joseph Meysey

Charles Moore

James Morrell

James Morten

Charles Nourse

Sackville Parker

John Philips

Daniel Prince

Archdale Rooke

Vincent Shortland

James Stout

Deodatus Stone

John Stevens

Thomas Sayer

Thomas Spencer

William Elias Taunton

Richard Tawney

Joseph Tyrrell

Edward Tawney

William Thorpe

John Treacher

Thomas Tredwell

George Tonge

William Tomkins

Henry Towsey

John Townsend

Philip Ward

Benjamin Watson

John Watson

Richard Way

John Walker

Thomas Wood

Richard Bew

Antony Sawyer

Samuel Benwell

and One Person for each and every of the Colleges and Parishes in the said University and City, and the Suburbs thereof, and the said Parish of Saint Clement, to be elected in manner hereafter mentioned, and their Successors, shall be, and they are hereby appointed Commissioners for putting this Act in Execution.


Stephanie Jenkins