Parish boundaries: George Street/Worcester Street

George Street & Worcester Street boundary

This parish marker dated 1828 has been moved high up on the side of the building on the south-west corner of George Street (No. 79, currently Nando's). It faces Worcester Street.

It marks the boundaries of St Mary Magdalen and St Peter-le-Bailey parishes, and bears the initials of the churchwardens. It appears to read:

T. R.

J. T.


1 8 2 8

The parish of St Peter-le-Bailey no longer exists, so the stone today marks the boundary of St Mary Magdalen and St Ebbe's parishes.

The photograph below shows exactly where the parish marker is on the building, between the two first-floor windows. Presumably it was much lower on the original building on this site to enable the beating of the bounds.

Parish mark on Nando's in context

Stephanie Jenkins