Between Towns Road

The above postcard, which dates from about 1907, shows Between Towns Road (then known as High Street) looking northwards towards the Swan. Below: Detail showing the children

Detail showing the children

Salesian Missionary House

The above postcard shows the grounds of the Salesian Missionary House in Cowley. The card, dated 10 September 1930, is addressed to the Rev. O. Leake PP of Oxted, and the writer, F.T. White, says “… will you time your reply to arrive on Saturday morning as we are not allowed to receive letters before then as we are on Retreat”.

St Kenelm’s Anglican Boarding School (with about 40 pupils) moved to this site in Temple Road (on the corner of Crescent Road) in about 1880.

From 1906 until 1921 the school was run by the Capucin Franciscan Fathers, and then by members of the Salesian order. The school chapel (originally St Kenelm’s chapel) served the community as a Roman Catholic parish church until the 1960s.

In more recent years, the premises were St Joseph’s Hall, and is now the St Joseph's campus of King’s Oxford.

Hollow Way
Hollow Way

Wilkins Road This card was produced by Geeson's, the shop in Wilkins Road on the right of the postcard

Hockmore Street

Hockmore Street, looking north towards Between Towns Road

Joan Williams recalls that in the 1950s the large house at the front left was known to her as “Captain Allen’s house”, and that the gate to the John Allen works was just to the left of this house. The next two houses belonged to John Allen & Son and were occupied by other members of the Allen family, and then there are some seventeenth-century cottages.

On the right, the wall enclosed Johnson’s orchard/market garden, and then came the junction with Crowell Road (formerly Cruel or Crowell Lane). In the distance was Dyke’s shop.

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