53–54 Cornmarket

Barclays Bank, 54 Cornmarket.

The right-hand side of the present Barclays Bank was built in the 1860s, and the left-hand side was built to match in 1922, when the bank expanded.

In the nineteenth century the shop at No. 54 was run by wine merchants, who were subject to university wine licences. The Clarendon Club met here from 1882.

No. 53 was one of Francis Twining’s grocer’s shop until the bank expanded in 1921.

In the censuses


William Badcock (25) and George Badcock (20), both wine merchants, are living here with an independent person Thomas Badcock (50) and Sarah (50) and Ann, plus an independent lady with three young children, and three female servants.


No. 53: The unmarried wine merchant Christopher Park (29) is living here with his brother William Park (22) and his sisters Caroline (27) and Mary (25). Also living over the shop is an assistant, a barmaid, and a female general servant.

No. 54: The unmarried china & glass dealer Martha Ashley (26) is living over her shop with one female servant.


No. 54: As two wine merchant brothers from 1861 now comprise two households, one of them may be living over No. 53. One is comprised of Christopher Park (39) and his wife Julia (38) and children Ada (6), Edith (5), and Charles (3) plus a female servant; the other is William Park (31) and his wife Louisa (29) and daughter Charlotte (4). Also living with them is a barmaid, and they have one servant.


No. 53: The tobacconist Joseph T. Higgins (27) and his wife Kate (2) are listed here, presumably living over Gillett & Co’s bank.

No. 54: The confectioner William Seary (29) is living over the shop with his brother Philip (24), also a confectioner. They have one female general servant, and they have a surgeon, Thomas F. Tyerman, lodging with them.

Occupants of 53 and 54 Cornmarket listed in directories etc.


No. 54 (left) No. 53 (right)


T. Badcock
Seller of wine and brandy, and
Merchant & agent to the York &
London Fire & Life Offices

No listing


Nicholas Trafford
Eating House


Christopher Park
Wine & spirit merchant
(still there until 1864)

Martha Ashley
China & glass dealer


No listing: probably being rebuilt

T. & C. Wyatt
Wine & spirit merchants
The Shakespeare Hotel


University Lodgings & Turkish baths
C. Dolling, proprietor

George Bartram
Boot & shoe maker

F. O. Thompson
China & glass warehouse


Gillett & Co., Bankers
Managers: J. Roberts and W. Margetts

Oxford County Court
Charles Bishop, Registrar & High Bailiff,
and District Registrar of High Court of Justice

Joseph Higgins
Wholesale tobacconist & cigar importer


Gillett & Co., Bankers

District Registry of High Court of Justice

County Court Office

The Clarendon Club

South of England Telephone Co.

Francis Twining
Grocer & provision merchant


Gillett & Co., Bankers + The Clarendon Club


Barclays Bank Ltd +The Clarendon Club


No. 53 on the right rebuilt to match the 1860s building at No. 54 on the left


Barclays Bank

(with Clarendon Club upstairs until 1967)

Old pictures on other websites and in books

For a photograph and a drawing showing Twining’s old shop at No. 53, squeezed between the Clarendon Hotel on the right and Phase 1 of the present bank on the left, see Michael L. Turner and David Vaisey, Oxford Shops and Shopping, p. 8, illustrations 10 and 11.

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